EMS Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

EMS is a global initiative that offers customers comprehensive delivery times and schedules as expected of an international market leader. This article discusses those delivery times and schedules and how to know them in your area.

EMS Delivery Hours and Times

EMS keeps general delivery hours from Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. However, this differs from country to country. It also takes about seven days to deliver a package from its original location to its destination.

To find out specific information, visit the “Contact Us” webpage. Enter your country in the search dialogue box or simply scroll down to pick the country; the list is in alphabetical order. You can get the website information for each country that is part of the Express Mail Service. Usually, the 177 designated operators worldwide are available parallel to that country’s mail services’ opening and delivery hours.

How to find EMS Near Me / In My Area

Find the nearest EMS in your area and enter your country or pick it out of the list. Follow these instructions on the locator website. There are global operators of EMS in almost every United Nations member state. These are usually the national postal service. So you can visit the closest post office to find out if they have an EMS service. Alternatively, you can search on Google, Bing, or any web search engine for information.

How early and late EMS delivers?

EMS often delivers from Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. The latest possible arrival time is before 6 pm. However, it is possible to obtain packages later, although this is very rare.

Remember to track your delivery status in case of an update by visiting the tracking tool on their official website. By doing this, you can find out exactly when your package will be arriving, whether it will be late or early.

Note that most EMS packages take less than seven business days to reach their destination. You can also contact the local customer service center to find out exact delivery hours in your area.

Is EMS delivery time accurate?

Yes, EMS delivery times are usually accurate. However, the best way to check your delivery status in real-time is to visit the tracking link on their official website, and enter your package’s tracking number. The tracking number should be 13 digits and should look similar to this code, EZ987654321XX. The online results are continually updated, giving detailed progress without having to call Customer Service. That way you can find out when exactly the package may arrive.

Can I pick up EMS package before delivery?

No, unfortunately, you can not pick the EMS package before delivery. However, you can track the package from the tracker on the website.

Suppose you want to schedule the delivery time to another convenient time; in that case, you have to call the local customer service center. If it is possible, the local postal service will let you know.

How to Change EMS Delivery Address

Perhaps you accidentally entered the wrong shipping address when ordering something online, or you suddenly moved to a new address; however, you filled the old address when you placed the order. EMS does not have the easiest ways to switch addresses which is one of the service’s flaws. However, if you find yourself in this case, you have a few of the following options:

• Contact the local post office if you can request them to hold the package at the post office for you. This option might be possible in some countries, provided you come to the post office to pick up the parcel with a government-issued ID card. Some of the countries allow you to change the delivery address, but you may need to pay additional fees for the change. Check here to find the local post office in your country.

• If you track the package and find out it has not been shipped yet, you can contact the seller or sender as soon as possible to change the address.

• If the package has already been shipped, it means the EMS delivery address will remain unchanged. However, you need to track it often. When it finally arrives in your country, you could contact the person at the wrong address. In most cases, if the incorrect address doesn’t exist or the person at the address does not accept the parcel, it will be returned to the seller or sender using the return address is clear. You can then ask the seller or sender for a refund or send it again to the correct address.

Why is my EMS delivery late/delayed?

EMS deliveries may be delayed due to multiple factors, including but not limited to severe weather conditions, heavy traffic, public holidays, strikes, custom clearance issues, incorrect address specification, insufficient documentation, recipient unavailability, and poor carrier performance. In case of delays, you can track via the web tool on the website or contact the local customer service center.

What’s a EMS delivery exception?

If you receive a message that your shipment has experienced an exception, do not panic. A delivery exception is when a package is temporarily stalled on transit because of an unforeseen obstacle. Reasons could include unknown addresses, damage to the shipment, or unreceived signatures. The next best step is to check the delivery schedule by tracking the package. If there are further delays, you can contact customer service.