Is China Post Open on Sunday & Saturday? (China Post Weekend Hours)

China Post is a renowned Chinese logistics company that offers affordable services and convenience to its customers in China and worldwide. However, most customers want to know about their working hours on weekends although they have a well-known weekly schedule. This article discusses everything about China Post weekend hours.

Are China Post stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes, they are in some areas of China. The government mandates a five-day workweek, and the business hours typically last 8 hours a day. In line with this, the regular working time generally is from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off. Post offices often open daily from 08:30-09:30 to 16:00-18:00 on most days. In particular, in more prominent cities, the service days are extended to weekdays, especially Saturdays.

To find specific details visit this website. The website displays China post offices with post office addresses and maps in China’s major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and more. Once on the webpage, click your city or town. The results show a map showing the nearest locations and the opening hours, whether on weekdays or weekends. Alternatively, you use Google Maps to find a post office nearby.

Is China Post delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes, China Post is available for Saturday deliveries and may send packages to most destinations locally and globally. Therefore if your parcel has already been shipped, you have a reasonable chance it is still moving within China Post’s courier network and will get to you within time. To check the arrival time of your parcel, you have to track it on this website. Once on the website, enter your tracking number into the box and select enter to display the results.

In general, most China Post branches’ delivery hours are 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Saturday, with off on Sunday. Therefore, Sunday shipments are usually resigned for urgent deliveries and are typically rare. However, it may vary with branches. Also, note that the transit time is subject to change due to delays or unforeseen incidents. A delay could be caused by bad weather, customs check, inspection, invalid address or number, and so on. Therefore, note that the actual delivery time is usually longer than the promised time, especially if another mail courier is handling another part of the delivery.

Will China Post pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes. China Post does pick up on Saturdays. However, it is unlikely to arrange a Sunday pick-up. You can call the customer service hotline 11183 in China to schedule a pickup so that one of China Post’s carriers can pick up your parcel at your office or home. It is a really very convenient service. Also, you may call 11183 to inquire about its services, track your parcel status, or file complaints. You may also want to confirm if they pick up packages intended for mail delivery by air, land, or sea.

However, note that you have to find a suitable China Post office to sign a contract in your city as not every post office offers this service. For the pick up you have to sign a contract with China Post first. This contract specifies that your parcel does not contain anything listed in the China Post forbidden list. After that, they will give you an account that lets you print the customer’s address and contact number easily with the printer. You could paste the paper on the boxes and then call China Post to pick it up as stated before.

China Post Post Weekend Hours

To find China Post weekend hours, use this location service. The results will show particular times for each of the offices. Note, however, that regular business hours on weekdays are generally Monday to Friday between 08:30-09:30 to 16:00-18:00. However, on weekends, some branches are typically closed. The exception is that post offices in large cities may still be opened on Saturdays. However, the China Post’s customer service teams are open all year round during the week and holidays.