Can DHL Ship to a PO Box? (DHL PO Boxes Delivery)

DHL serves millions of loyal customers all over the world. However, do they deliver to a PO Box? This article dives into whether there is DHL PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship DHL to a PO box?

Unfortunately, the short answer is you can’t use DHL to send parcels addressed to a PO Box in the majority of countries worldwide. Typically, because postal services own the post office boxes, they often rent out postal addresses to their customers. However, in some countries in Europe, it is possible to receive DHL packages in the post during the last part of the delivery. For instance, if you miss a DHL package in Hungary, it would be taken to the post office for you to pick up.

DHL PO Box Delivery

Unfortunately, there are no DHL PO Box Deliveries. They need a full street address along with a contact phone number. The company tries to provide good service and reliable delivery of your goods. Therefore there are several other options. These alternatives range from door-to-delivery and to pickups at service points.

Does DHL have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes, in some countries, DHL offers parcel lockers, such as in the Netherlands. For convenience, they are accessible day and night. Thus, no need to wait for impending deliveries. You even have a whole week to pick up your parcel. You can also use the parcel station option for a missed DHL delivery at your address by setting it online.

To add a package to DHL Locker, you need to login into an account on the DHL website. You fill in your data for notifications such as an e-mail and a mobile phone number. The box destined for the locker must not be heavier than 25 kg, and its size must not exceed the parameters: 60x40x40 cm. From the account, you can change your delivery location to the locker.

Once the DHL courier places your package in a locker, an automated text or e-mail is sent with the pickup code. An allotted one whole week is available to pick your parcel up at any time of the day. All you need to do at the locker is enter the code into the display, and it opens up to reveal your package.

This service costs the same as a service point pickup or address delivery. It is included in the basic charge, so if you send a 25 kg package from Germany to the Netherlands and the recipient chooses to receive it in a locker, it would cost an estimated 30 euros, which would be the same estimated price for delivery to the home address.

To locate the nearest DHL service points, visit the DHL locator page and enter your location. It will show the opening hours and closest locations. Follow these instructions on the locator website:

• Select a country or region to define your location.

• Select a place or zip code.

• It is possible to add a street name or house number.

• Select a service such as to send a shipment, collect a package, or both

• You may be prompted to answer whether or not you have a DHL account and a shipment label or if you are collecting a shipment or a shipment is being sent to you.

• The results are displayed on the left side of the screen. The closest addresses are first, with an estimated distance in miles. Simultaneously, there is a large map in the center of the screen, with each of the locations pinned.