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ABT Parcel
Australia PostA government-owned postal services in Australia.
Buffalo Shipping
Canada PostCanada Post is Canada's primary postal operator.
Certis Lanka
China PostA state-owned postal service of mainland China.
Chungwa PostGovernment owned, official postal service of Taiwan.
Courier Guy
Dawn Wing
Deutsche PostA German logistics firm that's part of Deutsche Post DHL.
DHLStands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn. Headquarter in Germany.

EMSEMS is an international express postal service.
FedexAn American international delivery services company.
Flash Express
Hong Kong PostGovernment operated, official postal services of Hong Kong.
Japan PostPostal and logistics business of Japan. Publicly traded.
Marken Courier
Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu)
Post DanmarkThe national provider of postal services in Denmark.
Posten NorgePosten Norge is the official Norwegian postal service.
Posti GroupThe main Finnish postal service and parcels in Finland.
PostNord SwedenPostNord Sverige is the name of the Swedish postal service.
Prompt Express
Royal MailRoyal Mail Group is a British courier company.
SFC (Send from China)
Singapore PostKnown as SingPost. Provides domestic and int. postal services.
Sunyou Post
Switzerland PostSwitzerland postal service. Owned by the Swiss Confederation.
TBA Delivery (Amazon Logistics)

Thailand PostA state enterprise that provides postal services in Thailand.
UPSUnited Parcel Service (UPS), headquarter in the USA.
USF Holland
USPSGovernment agency providing postal service in the US.

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