FedEx Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

FedEx is a widely known logistics company through its reputation as having the world’s largest express delivery network and offering the most cutting-edge delivery services, one of which is the FedEx pickup service. This article discusses everything you need to know about FedEx pickup schedules, times, and contacts.

How does FedEx pick up work?

FedEx pickup service is a time-definite service offered by FedEx, designed with options that cater to your shipment pickups at a predefined time and date upon request at your location. There are certain restrictions concerned with the FedEx pickup service that is essential to know. One of such is that FedEx only picks up shipments billed to a FedEx account number. FedEx pickup requires two significant steps:

• To use the pickup service, you will first need to create a FedEx account.
• To schedule a pickup with FedEx after creating an account number.
Once you have an account, you can follow these instructions:
• Login to your account
• Choose your account details
• Enter pickup address
• Fill in the package information (Number of Packages, Total Weight, Pickup Time, and all necessary fields)
• Once you’re done, click “Schedule Pickup,” and you’re done.

FedEx Schedule and Pickup Times

There are three FedEx pickup options available to customers based on their preference.
Pickup times will vary depending on the pickup option used for shipment.

One-time Pickup: often used for one-time shipments
Recurring FedEx Pickup: used as an option for shipments made several times a week
Drop-Off at FedEx location: with this option, you can take your ready shipment to a FedEx Pickup location

FedEx asks users to state a ‘ready time and close/latest time’ while scheduling a pickup. Your stated times will specify the time window when your schedule and pick up will be made by FedEx. Remember, although, that the times stated won’t be the specific times your shipment will be made due to the volume of packages FedEx couriers collect each day.

How to find FedEx Pickup Near Me/Location

FedEx has a built-in locator tool on their website, an easy way for users to find the closest FedEx pickup service close to them, powered by Google. Open the locator here. Follow these instructions on the locator website:

• On the ‘Locate’ page, enter your address and click the search button.
• A list of FedEx service centers close to your address will be shown, with contact information detailed beneath each center.
• For a map view, click the location icon next to the search bar. It will display a detailed map view signifying FedEx Service locations according to your address.

FedEx Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

With the FedEx locator search result, you can find all the nearest FedEx branches’ contact information around your location. By contacting the service numbers, you can get up-to-date information on pickup services. However, for general customer service, you can use the options below:

Phone: FedEx on is available on 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).
Email: You can make an official email inquiry on their website.
Mail: You can send your correspondence to the corporate headquarters within your country.
Social Media: Customers can connect with the customer service department through social media using their official Facebook or Twitter page by sending a message. Responses from the customer service department often happen within 24 hours.

Is FedEx pickup free? How much does it cost?

FedEx pickup is not free. Although some services may offer a one-time free offer, general pickup services are not free. The cost differs based on your pickup service preference. The FedEx website provides detailed information on services and further.

You can also contact customer service on +18004633339 for information regarding your shipment cost.

Can FedEx pick up from my house? FedEx Pickup Request

All FedEx Pickup services will come to your stated location. Except with the Drop-Off at FedEx location Pickup service, which involves you taking your ready shipment to a FedEx Pickup location.

How to Cancel FedEx Pickup

To cancel a FedEx pickup, you can simply do so by contacting FedEx customer service and proceed with a cancellation request. Or you can cancel a request online with the following steps:

• Log in to your FedEx account.
• Go to the “Ship” menu tab on and click on “Schedule and Manage Pickups.”
• Select “My Pickups” and change your pickup request.