Is EMS Open on Sunday & Saturday? (EMS Weekend Hours)

EMS is renowned for offering excellent services to its customers since its inception. The global network has reasonable working and delivery hours in many countries across the globe. However, most customers want to know about their working hours on weekends. This article discusses everything about EMS weekend hours near you.

Are EMS stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes, they are in some countries. It depends on the service you want and the country where you reside. Interestingly, EMS operators worldwide operate parallel to opening and delivery hours of the mail services within a particular country. Hence, their availability depends on the norms and routines of the host country.

For instance, throughout Europe and Africa, EMS locations are usually open from Monday to Saturday, although Saturday hours may vary. Another example is in regions such as the UK and Australia, where EMS locations frequently function on weekdays but not on weekends. Whereas in the USA, weekend hours are likely from USPS depending on the state’s population and the demand. Although in Asia and Gulf countries, EMS operating on Saturday and Sunday is unsurprising because it is directly in line with their norms.

The best way to find out is to gather information on the EMS website. You can confirm what services are available at your location and at what times by contacting the local EMS operator via this website or checking for your local EMS service on the list of global operators for detailed operating schedules.

Is EMS delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes, EMS is available for Saturday deliveries in some places globally, but it depends. However, note that it might cost more like a premium service for delivery on the weekend. Usually, when Saturday deliveries occur, the reason might be due to uncertain situations or a difference in delivery time, so that a parcel was delayed or arrived a little earlier.

Unfortunately, EMS does not deliver on Sundays in the US and other countries. However, they have deliveries on Sundays in a few countries such as the United Arab Emirates and China. If there are no deliveries to your country on weekends, the package will be delivered on the next business day, likely, a Monday.

Will EMS pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

An ideal time to schedule an EMS pickup is in advance before pickup day as they don’t offer a same-day pickup option. Your stated date and time stated in your booking will be used as a time window for pickup to be made. Once again, it depends on your location. Some countries do not have pickup services from the EMS, while other national couriers provide these services. So the best way to know if there is an EMS weekend pickup would be by calling local customer service. The local contacts are found on the “contact us” page.

EMS Post Weekend Hours

To find EMS weekend hours, use the location service on the website. You then have to find your country or type it in the search bar. The results will show particular times for each of the offices. For example, click on EMS Belgium. It will open a new page with website information specific to Belgium, a link to the main local website, and customer care information such as the email and phone numbers for calling EMS Belgium.

However, regular business hours on weekdays are generally Monday to Friday between 8:30 am-6:00 pm, which is in line with the average opening hours of most post offices. At the same time, on weekends, it may vary. The customer service department is typically open 24-hours.