Is PostNord Sweden Open on Sunday & Saturday? (PostNord Sweden Weekend Hours)

PostNord Sweden is a Swedish mail service offering easy and hassle-free mail and logistical services to local and Nordic-region customers. The company offers multiple service points aimed at customer support. As a top postal choice in the country, customers wish to inquire about the operating hours of PostNord Sweden. This article hopes to answer the queries regarding the matter.

Are PostNord Sweden stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

The postal services are available on the weekend as well for customers requiring PostNord Sweden services on Saturdays or Sundays. The timings however are different and vary from location to location.

If you wish to send a parcel or a letter on the weekend, you can visit the nearest post office and do so. If there is no such location in your vicinity, you can also avail the service of a package box that is conveniently located around Sweden for customers to use.

You can avail of this service on the weekends as well however operating times are different for different locations. Use the Service Point Locator and enter your postal code on their website and the nearest locations will be displayed.

Is PostNord Sweden delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

Although PostNord Sweden operates on the weekend, it only delivers packages on the weekdays with the exception of weekends and holidays. Usually, the Service will try to deliver your mail as fast as possible and within the weekdays but in case of non-working days, the delivery date will be postponed to the next earliest weekday. You can track the location of your parcels through the company’s official website.

Will PostNord Sweden pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

PostNord Sweden offers customized and flexible solutions to its business customers. Customers looking to avail of pick-up service can easily benefit from PostNord Sweden services but only on the weekdays. The company does not offer such services on the weekend. In case of urgency, customers can use the package box service during their opening hours. This service operates on the weekend as well. For accurate timings, please visit the official website.

PostNord Sweden Weekend Hours

PostNord Sweden weekend hours are different for every location. You can check Opening Hours here.