Posten Norge Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

With a vast operating network spread within the country, Posten Norge is a top choice for customers looking to send mail or parcels. The company offers flexible and customer-oriented solutions that are both efficient and fast. In this article, we will discuss Post Norge delivery times and schedules.

Posten Norge Delivery Hours and Times

The company usually delivers within the operating hours on weekdays that extend from 8 am to 5 pm. As far as delivery times are concerned, that depends on the type of service availed and the geographical distance. For domestic parcels and letters weighing up to 350g.

How to find Posten Norge Near Me / In My Area

Posten Norge has a well-established network throughout Norway that makes the postal service efficient and convenient. To find a Posten Norge location near you, you can use the locator tool on the main website.

This allows customers to locate the nearest service points hassle-free. Using the tool is quite simple and easy too, to find the nearest service point. Open the website and click on the menu on the top right of the website. Click on “Find us on the map” and a map will open up. Simply enter your postal address and all the service points in your vicinity will be displayed.

How early and late Posten Norge delivers?

The delivery time of the package depends upon many factors but primarily the three factors are; the size of the package, geographical distance and the type of service availed. For letters and parcels weighing up to 350 grams, the shipping time is anywhere between 2 to 4 days. For packages weighing higher than 350 grams, the shipping time is between 0 to 5 days. Customers can also opt for same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

Is Posten Norge delivery time accurate?

The Posten Norge delivery time is often accurate however it is also possible for a delay to occur. To remain updated with the whereabouts of your package, you can track your parcel in real-time through the track and trace system provided by the company on their website. Customers can also get information regarding the expected delivery date of their package.

Can I pick up the Posten Norge package before delivery?

Yes, it is possible to request your package be redirected. You can have your package redirected to an address or a service point that is convenient for you. To pick up the parcel from a different location, contact customer support or change the address through the application. Use the tracking tool to find your parcel.

How to Change Posten Norge Delivery Address

The company offers multiple solutions for change of delivery address both temporary and permanent. Posten Norge also allows storing your mails while you are temporarily away or redirecting your mails to a new address. Customers can also permanently change their delivery address. To change your address permanently, get in touch with customer support, they will be glad to assist you.

Why is my Posten Norge delivery late/delayed?

Your delivery may be late owing to multiple factors such as;
• Weather
• Security
• Customs
• Misinformation
• Etc.

What’s a Posten Norge delivery exception?

There are some exceptions when it comes to Posten Norge delivery such as;
• Insects (some excluded)
• Lithium batteries
• Biological material (Category B included)
• Dry ice
• Wet cargo
• Radioactive material
• Magnets/magnetic material
• Fire extinguishers