Singapore Post Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

Operating in Singapore and internationally, Singapore Post is a reliable postal service that has been offering services for the past many decades. The company has established itself as a reliable postal service for both business and private individuals. In this article, we will discuss the Singapore Post delivery times and schedule.

Singapore Post Delivery Hours and Times

The delivery time of the parcel depends greatly upon the service availed by the customer. The company generally operates six days a week from Monday to Saturday and delivers the packages during this schedule. Customers are also notified via text message or email before the parcel is delivered. For accurate timings, however, customers can use the track and trace system to locate their parcel. To use the tracking system offered by the company on the website, simply go to the official website. Click on track items, enter your tracking number and click on the search now. Information regarding the delivery status of your package will be instantly displayed.

How to find Singapore Post Near Me / In My Area

Being a leading postal service in the country, the Singapore Post has a well-established network of locations throughout Singapore. The company also has multiple service points for customers to access suited to their convenience. These include kiosks, POPstations, Post offices, and others.

The company also offers a locator tool on its website to assist customers in finding the nearest Singapore Post location.

The tool is easy to use and a great convenience for customers. To use the tool, simply go to the Singapore Post official website and click on “Locate Us”. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a new page showing a map. Customers can enter their postal address and also choose a specific service point they wish to access.

The map will display all the locations of the selected service point closest to the postal address entered. The map also displays the operating hours of the locations selected.

How early and late Singapore Post delivers?

As established above, the company generally operates from Monday to Saturday and remains closed on Sundays. The delivery time depends upon the service availed by the customer. The company delivers the packages within operating hours.

Is Singapore Post delivery time accurate?

Yes, the Singapore Post delivery time is almost always accurate. Customers can stay updated with the status of their package through the tracking system on the website. The system is highly accurate however, it is also possible for delays to occur. In such cases, customers can reach out to customer support for assistance.

Can I pick up the Singapore Post package before delivery?

Yes, customers can choose to pick up the Singapore Post package before delivery. Customers can do so by reaching out to customer support. Track your parcel before you reach out to customer support.

How to Change Singapore Post Delivery Address

Customers can easily change their Singapore Post delivery address by downloading an application from the website. After filling out the application, customers can submit it to the nearest Singapore Post office and request a change of address.

Why is my Singapore Post delivery late/delayed?

It is quite rare for Singapore Post deliveries to face delays however it is not impossible. Some of the reasons behind the delay may be;
• Customs
• Security
• Misinformation
• Weather
• Public Holiday
• Etc.

What’s an Singapore Post delivery exception?

While Singapore Post is renowned for quick and efficient delivery, there are some items or goods that the company prohibits and will not deliver. They are as follows
Flammable items
Compressed gas
Bank notes
Object with liquid content
And other valuables

Read the guidelines for further clarifications.