Can Australia Post Ship to a PO Box? (Australia Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Australia Post serves primarily Australian customers becoming a renowned international logistics company with excellent services. However, as Australia’s leading provider of courier solutions, do they deliver to a PO Box? This article dives into whether there is Australia Post PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship Australia Post to a PO box?

Yes. You can use Australia Post to send parcels addressed to a PO Box in Australia from most countries worldwide. Australia Post is a national service run in part by the government. Therefore, it owns the post office boxes and rents them out to its customers.

Australia Post PO Box Delivery

Yes, there are Australia Post PO Box Deliveries. With an Australia Post PO Box, you can send your eligible parcels to a private address that doesn’t have to change. This PO Box allows you to store your parcels securely for 30 days, collect your packages whenever it suits you, and be notified by email whenever there’s an item in your PO Box. The other alternatives to PO Box deliveries include home deliveries, mail redirection, 24/7 Parcel Lockers, and pickups at the post office or service points.

Does Australia Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Australia Post provides two significant services, either the PO Box or the private mailbag. It is possible to rent a box or bag for up to 1 year and then renew it annually. When choosing, your PO Box location may have different PO Box sizes, and availability may vary.

Additionally, you get a discount on your annual lease when you pay your renewal on time that is on 31 March each year. For new leases, you’ll pay an establishment fee and what’s left of the annual pro-rata price, depending on what month you take out your lease. The pro-rata charge for each month is one-twelfth of the yearly fee. PO Box Plus is available at an annual cost of $24 for the PO Box billing year to 31 March each year. The differences in registering for the PO Box and the private bag are shown below:

PO Box
• Apply online with MyPost or in-store:
• Log in to your MyPost account to apply for a PO Box online and visit us in-store today.
• Otherwise, download the Australia Post app to set up your MyPost account now.

• Online Checkout:
• At the online checkout, enter your PO Box as your delivery address.
• If you have the PO Box Plus feature, you can enter your unique ‘Suite’ address corresponding to your PO Box.

• Collect your parcel:
• With 24/74 access to your PO Box, you can pick up your parcels whenever you like.
• If you subscribe to the free Mail2Day service when you set up your PO Box, you will be informed by email when there’s an item in your PO Box.

Private Bag
• A Private Bag is the best way to manage your mail if you live in Australia’s rural or remote area. For this service, you will have to apply in-store only at the post office.