Correo Argentino Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

Correo Argentino, established in 1997, is the primary postal service provider in Argentina, holding a significant place in the nation’s communication infrastructure. It operates an extensive network, ensuring the flow of mail and parcels within Argentina and internationally.

Correo Argentino Delivery Hours and Times

The service hours for Correo Argentino reflect its dedication to timely mail and parcel delivery. The weekday schedule is from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It remains closed on weekends, aligning its operations with standard business hours to maximize efficiency and accessibility.

How to find Correo Argentino Near Me / In My Area

Finding a Correo Argentino branch nearby is facilitated through their online website through branch locator tool. This tool is invaluable for individuals and businesses needing easy access to postal services.

How early and late Correo Argentino delivers?

Deliveries by Correo Argentino are typically conducted within their operational hours i.e. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday. The exact timing of deliveries can vary, depending on the route and daily schedules however, the latest delivery can be expected till 8:00 PM.

Is Correo Argentino delivery time accurate?

Correo Argentino aims for punctuality in its delivery services. Delivery times within Argentina usually range from 2 to 5 business days for standard services, with express options offering quicker turnaround. International delivery times are subject to destination and selected shipping methods.

Can I pick up Correo Argentino package before delivery?

Customers have the flexibility to pick up their packages from designated Correo Argentino locations, offering an alternative to doorstep delivery. However, if you didn’t opt for self-pickup, you will then have to schedule it after tracking your package through website.

How to Change Correo Argentino Delivery Address

Changing the delivery address for a Correo Argentino package involves reaching out to their customer service via phone or email as mentioned on their website. This service helps in redirecting packages as per customer requirements.

Why is my Correo Argentino delivery late/delayed?

Occasional delays in Correo Argentino deliveries can be attributed to factors such as logistical challenges or specific regional issues.

What’s a Correo Argentino delivery exception?

A delivery exception in Correo Argentino refers to any unforeseen delay in the delivery process, possibly caused by issues like address verification, customs, or transportation delays.