Is Canada Post Open on Sunday & Saturday? (Canada Post Weekend Hours)

Canada Post is a renowned international logistics company providing excellent services and convenience to its customers. The courier has reasonable working and delivery hours in Canada. However, most customers want to know about their working hours on weekends. This article discusses everything about Canada Post weekend hours.

Are Canada Post stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

No, Canada Post is not open on Saturday. Suppose you have some plan at the post office, you can do it before the weekend; otherwise, you have to wait for the next working day that falls after the weekends. Canada Post offices open only on working days, particularly Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Visit the main website, and click on “Find a post office” to get more information for specific details about opening hours of different branches.

Is Canada Post delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

No, it is not likely that Canada Post will be delivering mail on Saturday or Sunday. Their website defines a “business day” as a day other than Saturday, Sunday, a statutory holiday, and any day observed as a holiday by Canada Post. Therefore, all their services will be postponed to the next business day if they fall on a non-working day. However, backlog and other reasons can cause weekend deliveries. You can track your delivery by entering your tracking number on the homepage.

Will Canada Post pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

No. You would not likely get a residential and commercial pickup on the weekend, although there are exceptions during the holiday season. However, the Canada Post staff still operates on the weekends, including package sorting and package transportation by plane and trucks. However, you can confirm if there are Saturday or Sunday pickup by checking availability here.

Simply enter your postal code in the search bar and click “find” for the tool to respond to the request and provide results to the service’s availability near you. The items deposited after the last collection time specified on the street letter box or after the cut-off time of the deposit location approved by Canada Post are considered as being deposited on the next business day.

Note that each Canada Post pickup comes at a rate and is not free. There is a $3.50 flat rate per pickup for an unlimited number of parcels using the One-Time on-demand service. One-Time on-demand pickup, more convenient for non-frequent shipments, is available with a simple request online or by calling when you need it. The date and time for pickup will be at your request.

Canada Post Weekend Hours

As already been established, Canada Post officially doesn’t work on weekends. However, there are some post offices operated by the private sector. These have the autonomy to open according to their office hours. Also, weekend hours may change in various places as circumstances change.

Suppose you want to find the nearest post office and want to know the accurate working hours, use the location service on the webpage. The results will show particular times for each of the offices. Note that while regular business hours on weekdays are generally Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m, on weekends, the customer service department is open all year round during the week and holidays.