Is Royal Mail Open on Sunday & Saturday? (Royal Mail Weekend Hours)

Royal Mail is a well-organized postal service that offers high-quality, reliable, and effective courier service to its customers within the UK on weekdays and weekends. This article discusses everything you need to know about Royal Mail weekend hours and schedules.

Are Royal Mail stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

Yes, the Royal Mail is opened at individual branches on Saturdays but is generally closed on Sundays. However, you can visit their main website for the Personal Customers Help Centre, for service updates where you can get real-time information about the delivery network and opening schedules.

Is Royal Mail delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

The Royal Mail delivers mail and parcels using a traditional schedule from Monday to Saturday. Generally, the company does not deliver packages on a Sunday. However, there are a few exceptions. There is no official policy about deliveries on Sunday from the Royal Mail. Though Sunday deliveries are rare, they do occur.

In some uncorroborated instances, people have certain types of packages delivered to their door on a Sunday. This more common in the London area and other larger cities. Also, if parcels are high priority or first class packages, the Royal Mail will deliver them.

Apart from Sundays, the Royal Mail will also not deliver mail on most public holidays. However, they can distribute a backlog of mail and packages on Sundays after holiday periods such as Christmas.

Will Royal Mail pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

Royal Mail aims to provide consistently high-quality collection and delivery services right across the UK. According to their guidelines, Saturday collections can happen between 7 am and 1 pm though this varies. However, Sunday pick-up services are improbable.

Royal Mail Post Weekend Hours

Generally, the Royal Mail operates between 8 am and 6 pm on weekdays, though this varies. Royal Mail delivery offices are often opened on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm but are closed on Sundays. Note, however, that some branches are opened longer while others are completely closed throughout the weekends.

To find out the Royal Mail’s specific operation hours, visit the main webpage of Royal Mail. There is an option for “our locations” on the top-level menu. It will open another website with a dialogue box where you can enter your postcode or click on “Use my location” to activate your device’s GPS. The results will show the closest one to you displayed on a map. You can also find the nearest location on the Royal Mail App. Since these times are subject to change at short notice due to staff or organizational reasons, it is best to be updated.