Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu)

Mediterranean Shipping Company, abbreviated MEDU, enjoys worldwide recognition for its shipping and logistic services. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MEDU has an extensive network comprising 10,000 employees and a fleet of 600 vessels.

MEDU’s mission is to offer affordable delivery services to customers. It provides a cargo consolidation service by frequently transporting large-scale cargo, thus reducing the overall delivery cost.

With an experienced team, MEDU guarantees the safe handling of valuable parcels and deliveries. MEDU successfully operates around 570 container vessels making it one of the largest shipping companies. MEDU understands the customer requirements and offers nothing less than the best and most timely delivery services.

How to Track Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) Package (Where is my Medu package?)

Track Mediterranean Shipping Company Package & Parcel Here

MEDU ensures an online tracking facility to improve the customer experience by providing a dedicated tab on the website.

First, open the “Track a shipment” option on the website customers and companies can track the shipping status of the order. After paying the shipping fee, you can get the tracking number when you book the order.

The next step is to search for the shipment by using the booking number and container/bill of lading number to search for the parcel. Lastly, just enter the booking number and press search to find out the current location of the parcel and when it will arrive at the destination.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) Delivery Times & Schedule

MEDU is leading the shipping industry by offering local and global tracking services. You can search for the point-to-point, vessel, and arrival/departure schedules online by entering details such as from, to, or on, and direct routing. Also, you can check the vessel and port number. However, we don’t have the information about weekday and weekend delivery hours.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) Contact & Customer Service Info

MEDU values the voice of customers and offers them different media to connect to the helpful customer support staff. The customer care representative usually answers the queries within 24 hours.

Phone Number: You can speak to one of the customer care representatives by dialing +17573712880 from Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
Email: You can drop an email regarding a complaint, suggestion, feedback, or a query on the email address
Mailing Address: MEDU head office is in Geneva, Switzerland. You can write a letter to MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA Chemin, RIEU 12-14, 1208 Geneva.
Social Media: You can follow MEDU on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to get the latest updates.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) FAQ

Can I pick up the Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) package or parcel?
The online tracking facility is detailed as it offers all the shipment-related information, such as the tentative delivery time and date. Also, you can retrieve the exact current location of the parcel—this way; the customer doesn’t have to wait or anticipate the time of parcel arrival. Also, the receiver can make the desired collection arrangements.

Is there a Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) location or branch near me?
With more than 100,000 employees, Mediterranean Shipping Company has around 524 offices in 155 countries worldwide, with shipping sailing on 215+ trade routes. The online query form allows you to contact the local office. You can input the desired information and submit the form allowing MEDU to contact you in the future.

Can Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) ship or deliver to a PO Box?
MEDU offers point-to-point and vessel delivery at different ports on weekdays and weekends. You can download the MEDU app or sign up for an online account to track your orders and deliveries.