SFC (Send from China) Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About SFC (Send from China)

Founded in 2007, Send From China assists international and domestic enterprises in transporting products at affordable cost. As the name suggests, this logistic company, an expert in cross-border E-commerce, sends products from China.

Being one of the most reliable and renowned Chinese transportation companies, SFC facilitates B2C E-commerce enterprises by offering end-to-end import and export shipping services. The company maintains a global presence by expanding the fulfillment centers in China, the US, and Germany.
SFC prides on its 60,000+ customers across China’s eastern and southern regions. Additionally, the company ships 300,000 pieces daily from China to global clients.

How to Track SFC (Send from China) Package (Where is my SFC (Send from China) package?)

Track SFC Package & Parcel Here

SFC offers a tracking number allowing the customers to view the shipment information and order status. The tracking number is a combination of alphabetic characters and numerics.

You can go to the website, enter the name, email address, tracking number, message verify code, and press the submit button for real-time tracking of the order.

Similarly, you can get a quotation for your delivery by entering the major destinations, order volume per month, company website, and phone number.

Text messaging and smartphone app alerts are additional tracking features offered by SFC to the customers who complete the necessary payment steps. You need to install the app on your phone and enter the tracking number to get real-time alerts about the shipment.

SFC (Send from China) Delivery Times & Schedule

SFC implements the first come, first service in pick-and-pack to enhance the customer experience. Also, they have separate warehouses with fire protection systems for high-priced products.
Usually, it takes around one or a maximum of two weeks to ship the products to the destination.

We don’t have information on weekdays and weekend hours; however, if you place orders between 10 am, and 12 am, the courier company picks them up within 24 hours.

SFC (Send from China) Contact & Customer Service Info

SFC ensures a strong online presence allowing potential customers and businesses for customized E-commerce solutions. The company maintains an updated website with a fulfillment service user guide, shipping service user guide, and other help documents.

Phone Number: You can reach out to the SFC customer representative by calling +86 400-881-8106 or (305) 716-6870.
Email: You can send an email related to the delivery or any other complaints or suggestions to customerservice@sfcltl.com.
Mailing Address: You can write a letter regarding the E-commerce delivery solution to 10/F, Tower A, Yuanzheng Chuangye Building No. 19, Langshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.
Social Media: You can follow the SFC Facebook page or the Youtube channel for the latest updates.

SFC (Send from China) FAQ

Can I pick up the SFC (Send from China) package or parcel?
SFC is a dynamic delivery company offering several E-commerce shipping solutions to match your requirements. These services include warehouse storage, pick and pack, fulfillment, kitting and assembly, multi-channel logistics, etc.

Is there an SFC (Send from China) location or branch near me?
Send From China has several branches within China, including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Yiwu.

Can SFC (Send from China) ship or deliver to a PO Box?
SFC offers delivery services to companies such as small and medium E-commerce retailers, online stores, and Chinese wholesale sellers. Also, the fulfillment process allows the companies to synchronize the orders, pick-and-pack, last-mile delivery, order tracking, and returns handling. Finally, the delivery times vary on weekdays and weekends.