Can FedEx Ship to a PO Box? (FedEx PO Boxes Delivery)

FedEx serves loyal customers as a global leader in the courier industry. However, does this giant company deliver to a PO Box? This article dives into whether there is FedEx PO Boxes Delivery or alternatives.

Can you ship FedEx to a PO box?

The short answer is that FedEx technically can’t send parcels addressed to a Post Office Box in most countries worldwide. However, there are several workarounds in many countries. Although, it is a well-known fact that FedEx delivers packages to residential and even business street addresses.

FedEx PO Box Delivery

Post Office Boxes have become ubiquitous since being introduced in the 1850s. They still provide a great alternative to receiving packages and mail at home as protection from theft, weather conditions, and additional convenience by not waiting for deliveries. FedEx understands this concept of comfort and has provided ways to assist customers in certain countries to receive parcels via the post box.

For instance, in the United States, FedEx SmartPost provides a unique solution. The pick up of parcels or accepting drop shipments is done by FedEx, which includes line haul and delivers your packages to a USPS facility for final delivery by a postal carrier. This way, the last leg of the delivery works in such a way that it can reach domestic or business PO Boxes. FedEx Ground or FedEx Home services are eligible for SmartPost deliveries that take 2-7 business days, influenced by your destination’s distance. However, in Puerto Rico and some international destinations, it’s possible to ship to P.O. boxes via FedEx Express.

Does FedEx have a mailbox/PO box rental?

No, technically, FedEx does not offer personal mailboxes or PO bo rentals yet. However, FedEx Office service targets the e-commerce business to handle all incoming and outgoing shipments. The parcel and mail management includes all shipping carriers and logistic services. It provides on-location mailroom capabilities such as receiving, sorting, holding, and notifying recipients when packages and mail are available to pick up.

FedEx has excellent proximity to all its customers and confidence in its shipping network to receive and deliver packages on time. They offer similar services like a mailbox such as holding Express and Ground packages at several locations for pick up even on Saturdays. Many of these convenient locations are easy to find. To search for the nearest FedEx offices or service points in your area, visit the FedEx main website and follow these instructions:

• Select “locations” on the top menu to take you to the page directly.

• You with see “Enter locations near…” This prompt means you should put down a place or zip code, street name, or city and click “Go.”

• The results are displayed on the left side of the desktop screen with the closest addresses are first and an estimated distance in miles. There is also information about each branch’s opening hours, their specific address, and how to contact them.

• Simultaneously, there is a large map in the center of the screen, with each of the locations pinned.

• To find out more details about each branch or service point, click on “View details” or the pin icon on the map. The details include drop off hours, services offered, and if you click on “see details,” you can even see a photo of the FedEx location.

Also, suppose you have a mailbox at an independent provider such as a UPS Store or Postal Plus, then FedEx can also deliver to that mailbox rental service. You would, however, be required to give the address of the mailbox station along with the suite or box number and any other relevant information.