Can Posti Group Ship to a PO Box? (Posti Group PO Boxes Delivery)

Posti Group offers simple and effective postal services, making them a traditional courier service in Finland. The fact that Posti Group has been serving for over a century is amazing, and they have upgraded their services to a simple and modern way. In this article, we will discuss the P.O box service of the Posti group and will answer all generally related queries.

Can you ship Posti Group to a PO box?

Yes, you can ship to Posti Group’s PO boxes anywhere in the world. You can send or receive letters and publications. However, these PO boxes cannot receive parcels.

Posti Group PO Box Delivery

Posti Group P.O box service only offers to receive letters, registered letters, publications, newspapers, and periodicals. P.O box service is not eligible for receiving parcel deliveries.

Does Posti Group have a mailbox/PO box rental?

A P.O box is a widely used postal service that provides a discreet permanent address. You can collect them round the clock. PO box can be used as a secondary address for mail forwarding. Posti Group offers reliable and secure PO box service for corporate and personal usage.

Before applying for the Posti Group P.O box, choose the preferred dropbox location according to your need. For this purpose, visit the official website of Posti Group and use their “ service point finder” to locate the P.O boxes. Select the “Dropbox” in services and enter your address details, and you will have a map with P.O box locations and service points in the vicinity.

Posti Group offers a yearly rental subscription of P.O box starting from EUR 271. You can also link mail forwarding service for an additional cost. For complete details and further information visit P.O Box Info page

How to order P.O box form:
To order your P.O box service form, follow the instructions mentioned below:
• Select the primary location of the P.O box
• Enter Personal Details
• Enter Personnel detail of the key receiver
• Add company information (if any)

Or you can leave the contact details on the customer support form on the P.O box info page, and the Posti Group representative will reach you for further procedure,