Is Posti Group Open on Sunday & Saturday? (Posti Group Weekend Hours)

Weekend delivery schedules and services are excellent services offered by many postal services. Unfortunately, Posti Group has no regular weekend schedules for sending and receiving packages and mail. In this article, we will discuss which service(s) of Posti Group offers weekend coverage.

Are Posti Group stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

Posti Group stores and service points are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. As of now, they haven’t introduced weekend deliveries. However, you can expect this service soon in the near future.

Is Posti Group delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

Express mail is delivered on Saturday. However, you must drop off the letter at the nearest service point by Thursday lately. And the Saturday delivery service has an additional fee alongside the normal express mail charges.

This is an excellent facility for sending and receiving urgent documents and drafts. Only express letters are delivered on Saturday, before the weekend, or on public holidays. Express letter price ranges from €9.50 to €19.00 depending on weight.

Will Posti Group pick up on Sunday or Saturday?

No, you cannot request the Pick up on Saturday on Sunday. But you can request pick up for express letter on Friday. Express mail delivery on Saturdays is only available in Finland.

Posti Group Weekend Hours

As the Posti Group is officially closed on weekends, and there are no separate self-service points, you must have to drop off packages or letters on Friday by 9 PM lately.

Posti Group is doing an amazing job and will soon add weekend delivery and extended hours. They will be adding the weekend delivery and extended hours.

So if you were getting disappointed, don’t be! Posti group knows how to get you covered for the events that matter. And with the weekend delivery launch, they will indeed fly off the charts on the world’s one of the best postal services. For further information, you can visit their contact us page and they will help you out with your queries.