Posti Group Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

Posti Group is Finland’s leading postal service, serving the country for over a century and providing excellent domestic and international value-added services. This article will discuss delivery times and schedules of Posti Group.

Posti Group Delivery Hours and Times

Delivery hours vary from area to area. Usually, Posti Group deliveries are executed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. You can use additional services to choose a custom time slot. Posti Group’s online tracking and SMS updates will give you the expected delivery time in your area.

How to find Posti Group Near Me / In My Area

Posti Group offers an online service point finder from which you can locate the nearest Post Group in your area. It will provide you with the nearest locations, opening hours, and respective service points posting times.

Here you can find locations of postal offices, lockers, and pick-up points. The postal address or area and your nearest location will be displayed.

How early and late Posti Group delivers?

Posti Group delivers domestic packages and mail within 1-2days. International parcels for Baltic countries take 1-3 days, for nordic countries, 2 to 5 days, 3 to 7 working days for the rest of Europe, and 6 to 14 days for the rest of the world’s countries.

Express delivery in the case of the EU, for example, is 1 to 3 working days; for the rest of the world, it will take 2 to 8 working days.

Posti Groups claims to deliver packages in their given period. However, due to any exception, you should expect more or less one day difference in receiving the package.

Is Posti Group delivery time accurate?

Postal services estimate the period you can expect your package to arrive. The accuracy of delivery time and days depends on several factors.

Can I pick up the Posti Group package before delivery?

You cannot pick up the parcel before delivery, but if you missed the delivery, it is simple to request the pickup or hold the parcel until you are ready to receive it.

However, Posti Group offers a “Pickup and delivery service” which delivers parcels to your preferred Parcel point. It’s an excellent service if you send packages often and want to pick them up yourself easily. This service also includes free home pickup for sending parcels to a pickup point for the recipient.

They also have an OmaPosti service; this postal service will deliver packages to the nearest Posti group point secured in a locker. To locate your parcel, use the tracking tool available on the official website.

How to Change Posti Group Delivery Address

To change the delivery address of Posti Group mail or package, visit the official website and submit the notification of the change of address. Posti Group offers relocation on both temporary and permanent addresses.

Why is my Posti Group delivery late/delayed?

There can be a possible delay in delivery. Domestic packages are delayed mainly due to processing at customs. We advise consumers to contact customer support in case of more than two days delay.

What’s an Posti Group delivery exception?

Generally, Postal services have sorted out things at their ends, but there can be few exceptions affecting the overall experience. Such as natural disasters, traffic issues, damage or delay of shipping, or issues in transit. Contact customer support for further information.