Chunghwa Post Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

Chunghwa Post is Taiwan’s official International postal service providing all-in-one solutions for individuals and businesses. This article will give you a quick insight into Chunghwa Post’s Pickup service with all details.

How does Chunghwa Post pick-up works?

Chunghwa Post provides “Collect on Delivery,” giving door-to-door service nationwide. This service is for anyone who opens a Postal Giro or Passbook Savings account at a post office. You can send domestic parcels, Postal EZ Box(Bag), domestic Speedpost, and small package registered mails using collect on delivery.

For business, this service is readily available. However, for individuals, each post office will set its standards, time, and area of receipt for general users based on the number of mail pieces posted for delivery and announce it.

Also, the door-to-door collection timings and service can vary depending on your area’s human resources, vehicles, and business needs. This service is specially designed to send and receive goods for personal and commercial users.

Chunghwa Post Schedule and Pickup Times

As said earlier, the collect-on delivery service depends on your area, as each post office can set its schedules. Hence for information regarding pickup time, visit or contact the nearest Chungwa Post office.

How to find Chunghwa Post Pickup Near Me/Location

Find the nearest Chungwa Post pick up near you by visiting the page. Open the service location finder and choose your city or county on the map. And you will have a complete list of Post offices in your location with Zip Code, Computerized Number, Office name, and Address.

Chunghwa Post Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

If you are facing any issues while finding details online, you can always contact Chunghwa post customer service by online support form or UAN 0800-700-365.

Is Chunghwa Post pickup free? How much does it cost?

Chungwa Post’s “collect and delivery” service charges are based on your package type and size. For complete details, visit the official website. The maximum amount for collection and delivery service can be up to 50,000NTD.

Can Chunghwa Post pick up from my house? Chunghwa Post Pickup Request

Once you select your package for collection and delivery, Chunghwa Post will pick it up from your location and deliver it to the recipient. You must have Postal Giro or Passbook Savings account to utilize this service. To schedule the pickup, log in to your Chungwa post account and select collect and delivery service along with package details.

How to Cancel Chunghwa Post Pickup

You can inform the nearest post office to cancel the collect and delivery pickup service by contacting their hotline at 0800-700-365. If the package is processed, the recipient can cancel it, and the mail will be returned to the sender.