Japan Post Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

Japan Post is constantly improving and up-ranked due to its consumer-friendly policies and services. The postal service provides home pickup for Yu-pack EMS parcels. In this article, we will look into complete details of the Pickup service provided by Japan Post and how you can avail of it.

How does Japan Post pick-up work?

Japan Post has a “Yu-Pack” service for domestic and international mail. This value-added service includes specified date delivery, preferred delivery hours, a compensation system, and package pick-up. Alongside the Yu-pack, Japan Post also provides a Pickup facility for EMS ( Express Mail service)

You can simply request Japan Post by Application for Web Collection Service, and the company will pick up the package from your location.

Japan Post Schedule and Pickup Times

Pickup slots depend on the area you choose in the application. You will get either 4 – slots or 2-slots as follows:

• 7:00 AM to 16:00 PM ( Areas where there are 4-time slots, asked for collection by a reception on the Internet, i.eTokyo’s 23 wards, etc. )
• 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM ( For Areas where there are 2-time slots asked for collection by the reception on the Internet

You can select any suitable pickup time, and Japan Post also allows you to choose a preferred delivery schedule for Yu-Pack packages.

How to find Japan Post Pickup Near Me/Location

To find Japan Post Pickup Near your location, you must locate the nearest Japan Post offices with Yu-pack or EMS services. For this purpose, use the Japan Post Locator .

Now you can call to pick up your package or apply online through the application. For faster processing, we recommend contacting the nearest post office.

Japan Post Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

To contact the Japan Post office, you can use their landline or mobile number; both are free.
Landline number: 0800-0800-111

To get the mobile numbers of your nearest Japan Post office, use the locator to locate the nearest branch and other details.

Is Japan Post pickup free? How much does it cost?

Japan Post offers pickup as a value-added service with Yu-Pack or EMS. Detailed fees can be calculated by Japan Post’s online tool. Where you can add pick-up service as well to get the final amount.

Can Japan Post pick up from my house? Japan Post Pickup Request

Yes, Japan Post’s Yu-Pack and EMS Packages will be picked up from your home. And to request, you either submit an online application or call the nearest Japan Post office.

How to Cancel Japan Post Pickup

Follow the instruction mentioned to cancel the Japan Post Pickup request:
• Click “Request Pickup for Yu-Pack EMS” or “Services Available with Yu-Bottle ID” to “Apply for Pickup”.
• Enter your receipt number and phone number
• Enter the “Reception number” and “Customer’s telephone number” for “Customers who do not have a Yubin ID” and click the “Modify/Cancel” button.
• In “Reception number”, enter the number displayed on the collection application completion screen at the time of the pickup request.
• Confirmation of cancellation of collection application, Confirm the displayed contents and click the “Cancel” button.