Switzerland Post Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

Switzerland Post offers great Pick up services to facilitate parcel or mail sending and collection. You can easily send the package from your home or receive them at the Swiss pickup points. In this article, you will have complete details of Switzerland Post pick-up services with your queries answered.

How does Switzerland Post pick up work?

Switzerland Post offers two pick-up services to send or receive packages at pick-post points. These points are only available inland at 2,700 PickPost points.

Sending Package
You can send packages by pick post service, and the Switzerland Post will pick up the parcel from your home, shop, or any logistic location in Switzerland.
To avail of this service, you need to register online at pick at home using Swiss Post customer support. The price of sending a package will depend on parcel size or weight. Consumers can also use the Switzerland post-Mobile application to pick post services on the go.

Package Collection
Pick post package collection is an ideal solution to receive packages when you aren’t home or want to send packages at a temporary location. Also, you can select this service at any time, even before delivery. Which is an excellent facility to ensure your package is secure and can only be received by you.

Switzerland Post Schedule and Pickup Times

Switzerland Post offers a 24-hour terminal for Post pickup collection. You can visit the nearest point to collect the parcel. Or you can also send packages by self-drop off at the pick post points. For pick-up from home, you can choose any delivery time slot.

How to find Switzerland Post Pickup Near Me/Location

You can simply find the nearest Pickup location by using the location finder. This location search will help you find the required services at the nearest access point.

Switzerland Post Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

If you are having difficulty finding a Pickup access point by location finder, you can always contact the Switzerland Post on this number +41 848 888 888 or you connect with their customer service.

Is Switzerland Post pickup free? How much does it cost?

Switzerland post pickup service for collecting parcels is free of charge. You can collect parcels from Switzerland Post anytime. However, there are some restrictions. You cannot collect the following by pick post service:

• Courier consignments
• SameDay delivery
• Delivery by a different company (e.g. DHL, DPD, FedEx, UPS)
• Non-registered items

Can Switzerland Post pick up from my house? Switzerland Post Pickup Request

Yes, Switzerland Post offers home service to collect and send your package at the ease of your location. They also offer additional value-added services for pick posts and have a basic fee for home pickup.

How to Cancel Switzerland Post Pickup

You can cancel the Pick post service anytime by using the customer login center and selecting the concerned service for the cancellation process.