Is Japan Post Open on Sunday & Saturday? (Japan Post Weekend Hours)

Japan Post is an affordable and reliable Postal service prioritized by the Japanese. They offer smooth and quick parcels and mail delivery. This article will answer your queries regarding Japan Post’s weekend schedules and everything you need to know.

Are Japan Post stores open on Sunday or Saturday?

Japan Post offices all over the country are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. However, the Yu-Yu Window service provides 24 hours assistance to accept regular mail, access to returned mail because of the absence of the recipient, and sale of Postal stamps, revenue stamps, and certain other items. To confirm the service of individual branches in your area, use the Japan Post office Locator .

Although you can not send packages on weekends or holidays, Japan Post offers a “ Delivery date Specified mail ” service. From which you can designate your parcels to be delivered during the weekend and holidays. This service includes additional costs and casual charges, and you can find complete details of the charges on the official website.

Delivery date Specified mail can only be used for Sending cards or gifts, Receiving important Postal items on Sunday because you cannot receive them on weekdays with regular mail service

Yu-Pack parcel Posts and EMS can also be delivered on weekends and holidays. To find more details about respective postal services, visit Japan Post’s official website.

Is Japan Post delivering on Sunday or Saturday?

Only delivery date specified mails and packages are delivered on weekends and national holidays. Just Fill in the preferred delivery date on the Post office sticker, and your package will be delivered anywhere in Japan on any day of the year.

Will Japan Post pick it up on Sunday or Saturday?

Japan Post doesn’t offer to pick up for delivery specified date packages. You must drop off the package at the Post office within business days.

Japan Post Weekend Hours

Japan Post’s central Post offices are open on Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm, and Sunday, 9 am- 12:30 pm. Alongside these hours, all night window service remains open until the Japan Post is functional on the next business day. We already have mentioned the Yu-Yu window and available services.

If you still have any queries, connect with Japan Post’s Customer support