Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu) Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About Mediterranean Shipping Company (Medu)

Mediterranean Shipping Company, abbreviated MEDU, enjoys worldwide recognition for its shipping and logistic services. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MEDU has an extensive network comprising 10,000 employees and a fleet of 600 vessels.

Sunyou Post Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About Sunyou Post

Based in China, Sunyou Post is a reliable and cross-border delivery and courier company with expertise in logistics services. Also, the company delivers parcels to organizations and individuals and offers an online tracking system. Sunyou Post usually ships orders locally; however, it also offers International shipping options.

SFC (Send from China) Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About SFC (Send from China)

Founded in 2007, Send From China assists international and domestic enterprises in transporting products at affordable cost. As the name suggests, this logistic company, an expert in cross-border E-commerce, sends products from China.

Certis Lanka Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About Certis Lanka

Certis Lanka is a dynamic courier company offering support to domestic and international courier services as well as their online tracking system. Certis Lanka takes pride in its reliable and trackable door-to-door delivery with more than two decades of expertise.

USF Holland Tracking, Delivery & Contact Info

About USF Holland

Founded in 1929, USF Holland has a diverse footprint to offer efficient delivery and next-day services for urgent documents. USF Holland outshines the rest of the delivery companies with its reliability and punctuality.

Is UPS Open on Sunday & Saturday? (UPS Weekend Hours)

United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the world’s largest courier services providers. It offers customers convenient delivery and opening times. The following article provides UPS customers with information on the company’s weekend schedule.