PostNord Sweden Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

To provide the best customer experience, PostNord offers its customers multiple services when it comes to sending or receiving packages. One such service is the pick-up service. PostNord Sweden offers this service, both in the context of the sender and the recipient. However, there is one small difference. In this article, we will discuss the PostNord Sweden pickup schedule, times, and phone number.

How does PostNord Sweden pick-up works?

As mentioned above, PostNord Sweden offers pick-up services both in the context of the sender and the recipient. However, the difference is that the pickup service is only available for business customers. To be able to avail of this service, you must be a service agreement customer or have a business account.

As a business customer, you are offered multiple pickup services such as the “MyPack Home” which allows customers to send parcels weighing up to 35kgs locally or within the Nordic region. These parcels are picked from the location provided by you. Another pickup service is the “return pickup” service in which the company picks up parcels from your customers labeled for return. To find out more business-oriented services offered by PostNord Sweden, you can visit their website.

Private individuals are also offered this service but in terms of the recipient and not the sender. While the company will not pick up the parcel to be delivered, from you. You can avail of the pickup service while receiving a parcel addressed to you. You can pick up your parcel from either a PO box or parcel lockers (Paketbox) which are conveniently located throughout the country and can be accessed easily by using a PostNord application and Mobile BankID as proof. You can also trace the parcels addressed to parcel boxes using the track and trace system on the website.

PostNord Sweden Schedule and Pickup Times

Both business customers and private individuals have the luxury of choosing their own pick up times. For business customers, the pickup hours are usually set during working hours. Private individuals however can pick up their parcels from parcel lockers at any time during the week including the weekdays as well. For accurate timings, customers can locate their nearest service points through the website and check their opening hours.

How to find PostNord Sweden Pickup Near Me/Location

For private individuals looking to find the nearest pick-up location, they can do so by going on to the website and using the locator tool. Customers can enter their postal address and the locations of the nearest PO Boxes and parcel lockers will be displayed. Although the timings may vary from location to location.

Business customers can request pick-up service from their accounts. This account contains all information about the customer including the address. Depending upon the address, the pick-up service may or may not be available.

PostNord Sweden Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

You can reach PostNord Sweden customer service by contacting the following options;
• Phone: You can dial 0771-33 33 10 locally and +46 771 37 10 15 from abroad
• Email: for business and for private individuals
• Social Media: You can also reach out to PostNord Sweden through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn

Is PostNord Sweden pickup free? How much does it cost?

No, the service is not free and the cost may depend upon the location and the type of service.

Can PostNord Sweden pick up from my house? PostNord Sweden Pickup Request

For private individuals, no. However, business customers can avail of this service.

How to Cancel PostNord Sweden Pickup

To cancel the PostNord Sweden pick-up service, customers can get in touch with customer support.