Can Canada Post Ship to a PO Box? (Canada Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Canada Post is Canada’s leading provider of commerce and customer courier solutions. With its wide range of door-to-door services, they remain the country’s primary postal service provider. However, do they deliver to a PO Box? This article dives into whether there is Canada Post PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship Canada Post to a PO box?

Yes. The Postal Box is to be used only to receive mail items sent to you through Canada Post-approved services and not as a storage or security compartment. The use of the Postal Box is not transferable. You can find out more about the Canada Post PO box here.

Canada Post PO Box Delivery

Yes, there are Canada Post PO Box Deliveries. There is no additional charge if your mail delivery mode is a physical address designated by Canada Post, such as a PO Box. Your deliveries will be locked within the box so that they are always secure and convenient reach at your local post office, with some locations offering 24-hour access.

There are several other alternative deliveries by Canada Post, such as pickups at service points, mailing to your home or work address, and Parcel lockers. Another unique service is FlexDelivery that allows your parcel to be shipped directly to one of the 6,000 or more post offices instead of your regular home address.

Does Canada Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes. Canada Post offers parcel lockers and PO Box rentals. For convenience, they are accessible day and night. Thus, no need to wait for impending deliveries. You even have time to pick up your parcel. You can also use the parcel station option for a Canada Post delivery at your address by setting it up when you log in.

PO Box
• Postal Boxes come in several different sizes. Keep in mind how much mail you think you might receive and whether that includes packages or simply letter mail. This information will help you decide on the size that is right for your needs.

How do I rent a Postal Box?
• Bring a government-issued photo ID to the post office where you wish to rent a postal box.
• Complete an agreement form for the rental.
• Pay using cash, debit, or credit card.
• Receive the keys to your box.
• Prices start as low as $63 for three months and vary depending on the postal box’s size, location, urban center or rural area, and rental length. To rent a Postal Box, you will need to make a $15 deposit plus applicable taxes for the two keys you’ll receive.

Parcel lockers
• These are convenient lockers in an apartment building where Canada Post can deliver your parcels if you are unavailable, or you can use them to drop off your mail.
• To get a parcel locker, just fill out this online form.
• Note that Canada Post installs and maintains parcel lockers free of charge – there are no costs to your building. However, an installation requires 40+ units and centralized delivery to a mailbox assembly to qualify.