Can Switzerland Post Ship to a PO Box? (Switzerland Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Switzerland Post is one of the primary postal companies in Switzerland, providing excellent courier and delivery services.PO box shipping is a demanding courier service due to security, privacy, the need for quicker delivery, and maintaining a permanent mailing address. This article will answer all your queries regarding Switzerland post PO box services.

Can you ship Switzerland Post to a PO box?

Yes, one can ship mail and letters to Switzerland Post PO boxes. There are only the following shipping restrictions:
• Parcels
• Letter, mail from other delivery businesses

Switzerland Post PO Box Delivery

All eligible mails can be delivered to the Swiss Post PO box, which gives the convenience of a permanent and discreet delivery address for your important mails. These mails will be held securely for 30 days in a PO box.

Furthermore, Anyone can choose any PO box throughout Switzerland. So you can access your mail at your ease with complete peace of mind.

Does Switzerland Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Switzerland Post offers yearly rental mailbox services in the country. You can choose a PO box in your preferred location. Keep on reading for complete details of the PO box service of Swiss Post.

Cost: You can choose from three types of yearly subscriptions of Switzerland PO boxes. Details are as follows:

Standard PO Box
Standard PO Box costs 120.00 CHF per year, replacing your private letter box. And all letters addressed to your household will be received in a standard PO box.

It will give you more privacy and control over emails than a private letter box. Swiss post PO boxes can be accessed round the clock for receiving mail.

Separate PO Box
A separate PO box costs 240.00 CHF per year. It will provide you with an additional delivery discreet address alongside your private letter box. Here are a few features of a separate PO box:

– Only mail addressed directly to the PO box address will be received. The rest of the mail will be directed to your private letter box as usual.
– Valid for one person only

Association PO Box
Association PO Box costs 120.00 CHF per year. This PO box service is meant explicitly for associations without domicile addresses. Also valid for a single association.

PO Box Locations:
Using this PO Box locator, you can quickly locate all PO Boxes in Switzerland. And can choose your preferred location anywhere in the country.