Can Chunghwa Post Ship to a PO Box? (Chunghwa Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Chunghwa Post’s PO Box is another excellent facility available for locals of Taiwan. A PO box gives an alternative discreet address. This comes in handy for racing mails if you spend time in different cities or may want to have a dedicated drop box for separate mails. In this article, we will have an overview of the PO box facility offered by Chunghwa post.

Can you ship Chunghwa Post to a PO box?

Yes, you can ship Chunghwa Post to a PO box anywhere in the world. You can send letters, publications, journals, and eligible packages to PO boxes.

Chunghwa Post PO Box Delivery

you can deliver all types of mail to the Chunghwa Post PO box. However, shipments through private companies aren’t accepted.

Does Chunghwa Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Chunghwa Post offers a quarterly rental system for PO boxes. The Po boxes feature sending and receiving letters, registered letters, publications, and packages. You can set up a PO box in your preferred location all over the country.

The rental service is available for people having permanent or temporary addresses. This is great, as the tourist having long stays always hunts for PO box service.

How to find locations:
On the official website, you can find PO box locations using the Chunghwa Post service finder tool.

You must pay rent and deposit for the key to the PO box rental. The rent is $300NT per year, half of which has to be prepaid while applying. The rent is prepaid quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

There is an extra NT$400 deposit fee for the key, which is returned after lease termination for the deposit back. Contact your nearest service point of the Post office to apply for a refund of the extra deposit.

For more details about Chunghwa Post PO Box visit official website or call customer support.

How to apply for PO Box:
To apply for a rental PO box, visit the nearest Post office and apply with an initial deposit. You will need the following documents to process the application;

• Two personal stamp slips
• ROC nationals should present an ID (national ID, health insurance ID, or driver’s license)
• Foreigners can present a passport or resident certificate.

The applicant presenting the national ID over the counter can pay the rental fee as soon as the national ID checks out. After applying, within 24 hours, your PO Box service will be activated. You will have to access the service online through your account.