How to Track Your Chunghwa Post Package – Where is my Chunghwa Post Package?

Chungwa Post has connected Taiwan and Chinese counties with excellent and widely distributed postal services. Thai national postal service also has easy-to-use, feature-rich online tools. This will article will answer the queries regarding tracking or Chunghwa Post and how you can track your package.

How to Track a Chunghwa Post Package – Where is my Chunghwa Post package?

Chunghwa Post’s online Tracking and Trace tool feature the following:
• EMS Track Service ( Domestic and International)
• International Letters Tracking Service
• EMS(Mainland China) Tracking Service
• Mainland China Incoming Parcels, letters Tracking Service
• International Parcels Tracking Service

To know where your Chunghwa Post parcel is use
“track & trace service” and follow the instructions below;

• Select the “EMS Tracking Service” and click the Domestic Express letter/ Parcel Tracking section.
• Enter the item number(s) and confirm.

International / Mainland China Tracking Service:
• Select international- Mainland china tracking from the menu, enter the item number from the shipping receipt and confirm.

Note: The instruction mentioned above applies to letters and registered letters as well.

How to Find the Chunghwa Post Tracking Number

The tracking number or item number(s) is mentioned on the Chunghwa Post shipping receipt. Which is a unique 13-digits long Alpha-numeric code. You also get this code on your mobile as well.

Where is the Chunghwa Post tracking number on my receipt?

You will find the tracking code on the right side of your shipping receipt of the parcel and letters

How long are Chunghwa Post tracking numbers?

Chunghwa Post tracking number 13-digit long; here’s an example of the format you will find on shipping receipt EW003947218MY

What do Chunghwa Post tracking numbers start with?

The tracking number starts with Alphabets, followed by nine numeric digits, and ends in again 2 Alphabets. This alpha numeric code stores the details of the serial number of the package and the country or area of destination.

Can you track the Chunghwa Post package by address?

You can only track the package by tracking number. However, if your package is set up to be received from the nearest post office pickup point, you can find one by address.

What time will my Chunghwa Post package arrive?

You can expect your package to arrive between 09:00-17:00. Although the delivery days can vary depending on postal service and destinations. The express mail is delivered before 14:00.

Why is the Chunghwa Post package delayed?

Packages can be delayed due to incorrect address, delay in transit, or an exception in delivery by courier company. Many factors can cause the delay. To avoid delay and any hassle, ensure that address details are correct. International packages can be delayed at custom clearance which is nothing to worry about. For the recent status of your Chunghwa post package, track your package or call customer support.

Why is my Chunghwa Post package being held?

Chungwa Post holds the undelivered package for three days before sending it back. Or the other common reason for the package being held is an issue in customs clearance or incomplete verification details. If your package is held by Chungwa post, contact their Customer support.

Can I pick up or hold an Chunghwa Post package?

Yes, you can do both. If you aren’t home and there is no way to receive the package at the designated address, you can request the company to hold your package until you return.

Packages are being held on customer request and can be picked up by them anytime. Bring your ID verification details and receiver shipping receipt, and you are good to pick up the package.

How to refuse an Chunghwa Post package?

You can simply refuse the package at the time of arrival or when the courier calls you to confirm the details.

Is Chunghwa Post tracking down?

If you are unable to track the package with the correct details, there is the possibility that the Chughwa post service is down. As they update the most current status of your package daily, please try again after a few hours.