Chunghwa Post Hours Near Me (Find Chunghwa Post and Opening Hours Near You)

Chunghwa Post is successfully serving as the best postal service in Taiwan. The network consists of 23 large offices and 1300 post offices spread across all the urban and ruler areas of the country. This article will share a quick guide on locating Chungwa Post services in your area.

Where’s the nearest Chunghwa? Chunghwa Opening Hours Near Me

To find the opening hours of your nearest Chungwa post office, visit Chunghwa Post Service Location and select your city or county. You will have results showing complete details, including the opening hours of the Post office.

If for some reason, you cannot find the opening and postal hours of the concerned post office, you can call the customer support hotline at 0800-700-365. Every area’s working hours may differ, so make sure you confirm them before planning a visit.

Chunghwa 24 Hours Near Me

As of now, there is only one 24-hour self-service center available in Taipei City. Which offers the following services:
• Passbook Updater
• PO Boxes
• Information Kiosk

Chunghwa Drop Box Near Me

Drop Boxes are available in post offices. Hence, locate the nearest post office and you will also find the drop box. Aside from post offices, Chunghwa post has dropboxes in different locations, which can be inquired on the Post office window service or call the hotline.

Chunghwa Post’s service finder is one of the best location finders, easy to use, and concise. If there is no nearest post office or drop box in your area, you can extend the search or use a nearby PO box to ship your mail.