Chunghwa Post Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

Chunghwa Post has consistently improved its postal solutions to ensure smooth and quick postal service in Taiwan and international services. This article will cover all the information you need on delivery times and Chunghwa Post schedules for domestic and international posts.

Chunghwa Post Delivery Hours and Times

Delivery hours and time vary from area to area, depending on distance, type of postal service, and other external and technical factors. Chunghwa Post’s regular mail (including registered mail) will be delivered within 1-2 days after the send date; ordinary bulk printed material will be delivered within 3-5 days.

• Local parcels will be delivered in 1 day; for non-local cities and towns, it may take up to 3 days.

• Prompt delivery between cities will be delivered before 14:00 within 1 day after the sent date.

• Domestic express mail: 2-way local (same zip code) mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 15:00. Between major cities, mail will be delivered on the same day if sent before 11:00; mail will be delivered the next morning if sent after 11:00.

• The international post order will take a bit more days depending on the distance of the country to arrive. Mails and parcels sent to Asian countries may take at least 10 days; however, you can always pay the express service for speedy delivery in Asian countries. It can take 2 weeks for Europe and Africa and almost 3 weeks to arrive in America.

How to find Chunghwa Post Near Me / In My Area

To find Chunghwa Post near you use the post office finder available on the official website. Select your area of residence ( city or county). Results will show you a list of all the nearest post offices and other details.

How early and late Chunghwa Post delivers?

Chunghwa Post delivery schedules are mentioned above. However, you should expect a delay of one day in your package arrival. As there are several factors contributing to timely delivery, any mishandling, incorrect details, or customs clearance can lead to possible delay.

Is Chunghwa Post delivery time accurate?

According to the customer’s feedback, Chunghwa Post’s domestic packages have fairly accurate expected delivery times with minimal delay. Although international packages are also ensured to be delivered within a given time frame, factors like transit and customs can affect the expected delivery schedule.

Can I pick up the Chunghwa Post package before delivery?

Chungwa Post’s Track and Trace service allows you to track the package with real-time status. It also informs you when the package arrives at your local post office. Then you can request the Personal pickup through your account.

Pickup is valid in certain conditions like, if you aren’t available to receive at the designated address you can relocate the package to the post office in the current vicinity. Or in case you are out of home and have a package on hold, you can pick it up from the post office. You will need your ID, and receipt of the package to collect from the post office.

How to Change Chunghwa Post Delivery Address

You can request to change the delivery address at Chungwa Post post office windows or go website to download the form and fill in the following information :
1. Name of recipient or substitute recipient.
2. Old address.
3. New address.
4. The applicant’s signature or signature/stamp, and then apply to the post office.

Why is my Chunghwa Post delivery late/delayed?

If your package is late or delayed the status of the package will show in the track & trace service. You can contact the Chungwa post via contact form or hotline numbers:
+886-2-2321-4311 if you are in another country.
0800-700-365 if you are in Taiwan

Natural disasters, unexpected damage or technical error, and traffic can also contribute to delayed or late delivery.

What’s an Chunghwa Post delivery exception?

The delivery exception is generally an unforeseen obstacle or transit error while shipping the mail or packages. Also, natural disasters and any unfavorable circumstances in the country of arrival are considered delivery exceptions.