Can Japan Post Ship to a PO Box? (Japan Post PO Boxes Delivery)

PO box services in Japan are limited, as you would find most PO boxes rented out to large companies and those who require this service regularly. However, some private companies offer PO box services for residents and visitors. This article will discuss queries regarding the Japan Post shipping to PO boxes.

Can you ship Japan Post to a PO box?

Yes, Japan Post ships Mail to PO boxes. In the case of international PO box mail, check the EMS region since some countries do not provide mail delivery services addressed to PO Box. You can easily find EMS region details on Japan Post’s official website.

Japan Post PO Box Delivery

Yes, you can receive mail from Japan Post to your private PO boxes ( if addressed correctly). Private Japanese PO boxes offer reasonable rentals to receive mail from Japan and international Posts in your PO box.

Does Japan Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Unfortunately, Japan’s Post doesn’t have a PO box service for residents and visitors. As we mentioned earlier, PO box services work differently in Japan. And it will not be as easy in Japan as in other countries. However, you can directly send emails from Japan to international post boxes. Check the EMS search to know which regions are eligible for Japan Post PO box shipping.

You can have a PO box service in Japan via service providers such as MT PO box. The Japan Post Corporation is the country’s national mail delivery system and handles all mail delivery services. Hence, PO Boxes will also be under the Japan Post through a private business. That’s how PO box services work in japan, we know it’s confusing at first, but once you sign up, things will be better to understand. Visit the contact page for further queries.

How to find locations
If you have a corporate business or a school/university, you are at great ease t register an official Japan Post PO box. But if a resident needs one or a visitor plans to stay for an extended period in Japan and needs a PO box, they must have sourced through a private service.

For corporate business Japan Post’s official PO box services are free. And for locals, all PO box service providers charge an average of 2000 yen per month. Price can vary depending on service providers.