How to Track Your Japan Post Package – Where is my Japan Post Package?

Japan Post is a reliable, fast, and affordable mail service in Japan, offering international mail services with executive features. Japan Post has a great network, connecting Japan with its exemplary mail services. This article will discuss tracking your Japan Post package and how you can track your package.

How to Track a Japan Post Package – Where is my Japan Post package?

Japan Post offers real-time tracking of your domestic or international mail and parcels. You can check the delivery status of your package with complete transit details by using their online tracking system They also offer mobile and email updates, so you are up to date with the current transit status of your package without extra effort.

Tracking by Item number:
Tracking your Japan Package by item number is useful if you want to add individual items. Or, in case you have forgotten the item(s) number, the tracking page offers to troubleshoot. If you already have your receipt and item number, follow the below-mentioned instruction to track your package(s):
– Enter item(s) number
– And click start tracking.

By Serial number:
Japan’s packages can be tracked by serial number, and you can search mail items up to 100 at once. The serial number is also mentioned on your receipt. Tracking by serial number is relatively simple, just enter the serial number and click start tracking. That’s all.

How to Find the Japan Post Tracking Number

Japan Post receipt has all item(s) information with a 13-digit unique code on the receipt. You will also receive an SMS of confirmation with the tracking code.

Where is the Japan Post tracking number on my receipt?

Japan Post tracking number is mentioned on the top column of the receipt with a serial bar code.

How long are Japan Post tracking numbers?

Japan Post tracking code is a unique combination of alphabetical and numerical digits. Here are examples of the Japan Post Tracking code.
• Domestic Mail & Parcel 12345678901
• International Mail, Parcel: AA123456789JP

What do Japan Post tracking numbers start with?

Japan Post’s tracking number starts with 2 Alphabetical Characters followed by numerical characters.

Can you track the Japan Post package by address?

You can only track Japan Post’s packages by tracking code and serial numbers.

What time will my Japan Post package arrive?

Japan Post’s domestic mail takes between 2-10 business days, delivery time is solely dependent on parcel weight and service selected. For international mails, Japan Post offers a variety of shipping rates, and on average, it will take between 2-4 business days on express mail. Standard mail has an average arrival time of 1-3 months, depending on location.

Why is the Japan Post package delayed?

International packages can delay due to any transit issue or custom clearance. A domestic package can be delayed on weekends possibly. In case of prolonged delay of the package, contact Japan Post customer support.

Why is my Japan Post package being held?

The postal service usually holds Japan Post’s package due to possible customs issues in case of international mail. Also, if the package is not delivered due to unavailability, it will be held in the Japan Post office for 15 days for domestic and international packages.

If you could not receive the package or have an international Japan Post package being held, contact the customer support for further assistance. 

Can I pick up or hold a Japan Post package?

You can pick up EMS and international parcels by requesting through Japan’s Post web pickup service. All you need to do is enter your package details on the receipt and personal information. You can also modify or cancel the pickup request anytime by web pick-up service.

Else if you aren’t available to receive the package, you can inform the office and get your package on hold to receive it later.

How to refuse an Japan Post package?

Any undelivered pacakge will be returend after 15 days. If you want to refuse a package, just write “ refused” on the package and hand it back to the courier. Or you can also manage the package delivery details online via the Japan Post tracking tool.

Is Japan Post tracking down?

Japan Post’s tracking tool is one of the most efficient and gives elaborate details about your package. In case you have an error tracking a package, first double-check the details, or possibly the tracking service may be down. You can try again after a few hours or contact Japan Post’s officials through contact & support for further assistance.