Japan Post Hours Near Me (Find Japan Post and Opening Hours Near You)

Japan Post’s points have a great network across the country. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the opening hours of the nearest Japan Post office, which will help you locate the nearest 24 hours japan post and dropbox. So you can actively receive or send mail from anywhere in japan.

Where’s the nearest Japan Post? Japan Post Opening Hours Near Me

Locating Japan Post near you is simpler than you imagine. Japan Post’s website features a user-friendly locator which helps you to locate nearby Japan Post. You can also find your zip code and a List of postal and parcel services.

Once you know the postal details of your area, open the Japan Post Store Finder and enter the required information.

You will have a map with directions to the nearest Japan Post points in a few seconds. Now you can inquire about the delivery and opening hours of the respective post office in your area, which will help you to receive and send packages through Japan Post efficiently.

Japan Post 24 Hours Near Me

Japan Post has a 24 hours service called “Yu-Yu window”. Visit the Yu-Yu Window page where you can locate nearby points

It’s a 24 hours window extension that allows you to send or receive mail (no banking functions). You can also pick up undelivered packages (because nobody was home or was held) with a delivery slip and ID confirmation. Yu-Yu window also sells postal stamps and other stationery required for sending the packages. You will find these Yu-Yu windows in your area’s central offices of the Japan Post.

Japan Post Drop Box Near Me

Japan Post offices have drop boxes in their vicinity. You can find them by locating the nearest post office where you can drop mail or eligible packages. Dropbox is helpful when you are in a hurry and cannot go for the complete process in the post office. But please ensure the mail or parcel is under Japan Post mail compliance.

Dropbox mail collection happens around 6 pm daily, with slight differences depending on the area. Hence, post the mail in dropbox before the evening to ensure it will be delivered on time.