Can Singapore Post Ship to a PO Box? (Singapore Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Singapore Post is an associate company of Singtel and Singapore’s established Public Postal Licensee which offers domestic and international postal services. Singapore Post is also responsible for logistics services in domestic markets and global delivery services. The company also offers door-to-door delivery services and multiple other services including warehousing, logistics distribution services, and more.

Can you ship Singapore Post to a PO box?

Yes, you can deliver mail and packages to Singapore Post by using individual PO box numbers. Singapore Post delivers all over Singapore with a wide range of delivery options for customer convenience.

Singapore Post PO Box Delivery

Customers can access PO box delivery in Singapore Post by acquiring individual PO box numbers. The P.O. Box or Locked Bag Service facilitates you to register an address where you can send your mail. Mail will remain secure and confidential in the P.O. Box at their postal locations until it is picked up. Mail addressed to the P.O. Box or Locked Bag number is safely delivered regardless of the names of the senders.

Does Singapore Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes, Singapore Post does have a PO box rental facility available. You can rent a PO box located at their post offices.

To rent a PO box in Singapore, customers need to follow a simple procedure. The procedure includes downloading a copy of the application form, filling up the credentials, and submitting it to the nearest Singapore post office. The mails are kept secure and private. To locate the nearest post office, customers can use the locator tool available on the website. Through this tool, customers can locate the post office nearest to their current location.

You can easily track your package by checking the status of your package if your item is sent through a Registered service. Use the Track Item feature given under Quick Tasks to get access to the status of your letter or parcel. The alternate way is to fill up an inquiry form which you can get easily from all the post offices, attach the Registered Service receipt and forward it to their post office for them to follow up with the country of the destination of the parcel. The annual rental fees vary from Low demand (SGD 150) to HighDemand (SGD 200) depending on the location of the PO Box.