How to Track Your Singapore Post Package – Where is my Singapore Post Package?

Singapore Post is an efficient postal service operating in Singapore that has developed itself as a customer-oriented postal company. Catering to both private customers and business customers, the company offers quick and reliable services. In this article, we will discuss how to track your Singapore Post package.

How to Track a Singapore Post Package – Where is my Singapore Post package?

The company takes pride in its customer-oriented services and tools. One such resourceful tool to aid customers in locating their packages is the tracking system on the website. This allows customers to effortlessly track their packages during transit. Using the tool is quite simple. To use the tool, simply go to the official Singapore Post website and click on the track items header on the home page. Enter your tracking number here and click on the search now. On tapping this button, all information regarding the package will be displayed.

How to Find the Singapore Post Tracking Number

The Singapore Post tracking number is easily found on the receipt handed over to you by the officer at the post office. The tracking number is an alphanumeric code that can be used to locate the shipment. The tracking number may also be sent in the form of a text message or email.

Where is the Singapore Post tracking number on my receipt?

To locate the Singapore Post tracking number, simply look for an alphanumeric code on the receipt. Usually, the tracking number is found on the top of the receipt.

How long are Singapore Post tracking numbers?

Usually, the tracking number issued by the Singapore Post is a 13letter alphanumeric code. The code starts with 2 letters followed by 9 letters and ends with 2 digits. For example RA 123 124 256 SG

What do Singapore Post tracking numbers start with?

Singapore Post tracking number usually begins with 2 letters followed by 9 digits and ultimately ends with 2 letters.

Can you track the Singapore Post package by address?

Unfortunately no, customers cannot track the Singapore Post package by the address. The only way to track the package is through a tracking number. Customers can track their parcels by entering the tracking number on the Singapore Post main website.

What time will my Singapore Post package arrive?

The delivery time of the parcel depends upon the location and the service availed. The packages are usually delivered within the operating hours from Monday through Saturday.

Why is the Singapore Post package delayed?

There could be many reasons behind the Singapore Post delay. Some of these factors include;
• Weather
• Misinformation
• Security
• Etc.

Why is my Singapore Post package being held?

Your package may be held due to following reasons;
• Security
• Illegal or prohibited items
• Misinformation
• Etc

In such a case, you may contact customer support for assistance.

Can I pick up or hold a Singapore Post package?

Yes, Singapore Post allows customers to pick up or hold the Singapore Post package according to their convenience.

How to refuse an Singapore Post package?

Customers can refuse to receive the package by refusing the delivery or returning the parcel.

Is Singapore Post tracking down?

Customers may not be able to track their parcels due to a technical issue. These issues are temporary and usually resolved within 24 hours. If the problem still exists, customers can get in touch with customer support.