Switzerland Post Hours Near Me (Find Switzerland Post and Opening Hours Near You)

Switzerland Post is a highly reliable postal service in Switzerland. They provide excellent courier and delivery service to consumers. Switzerland Post is widely spread all over Switzerland and also has a good number of international branches. This article will discuss Switzerland Post opening hours and locations.

Where’s the nearest Switzerland Post? Switzerland Post Opening Hours Near Me

Switzerland post offers one of the best online location finder. You can find a Switzerland Post location near you in a few seconds. Visit the page and follow these instructions:

• Select “search location” on the requirements tab.
• Select the branch in the product and enter the date and time you are willing to visit or send the package by Switzerland Post.
• Enter your city’s postal code, and now you will have all the nearest Switzerland branches on the map with directions.

Switzerland Post 24 Hours Near Me

Switzerland post provides 24 hours service “ My post 24,” although it is only available in Switzerland. Still, it is an exceptional facility that enables you to send or collect registered letters or parcels around the clock.

To locate My post 24 Switzerland Post points, you need to access the Location finder. And follow these instructions:

• Select the “search location” on the requirements tab
• Select “ my post 24” in the product.
• Enter the date and time and the city’s postal code.

The map will show you the nearest Switzerland Post offices with my post 24 services. Once you find the nearest Switzerland Post, you can register online or visit the post office.

Switzerland Post Drop Box Near Me

You can quickly locate the Switzerland Post P.O box facility near you using the Switzerland Post location finder. Just follow the instructions mentioned below;

• Select the “ location search” on the requirement tab.
• Select the “ P.O Box facility” in Products.
• Now enter the date and time.
• Enter your city’s Postal code and continue.

The map will show you all the P.O box facilities near you. You can easily choose and register the PO box facility in your preferred location.