DHL Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

DHL offers customers comprehensive delivery times and schedules as expected of a market leader of international couriers. This article discusses those delivery times and schedules, and how to know them in your area.

DHL Delivery Hours and Times

DHL delivers from Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM. However, the precise delivery times may differ and depend on the parcel’s size and the delivery address. However, to find specific times open the DHL domestic service website and enter your location. You can also contact DHL customer service through your DHL login or by calling +18002255345 or texting DHL ExpressSMS for International via +447720334455.

How to find DHL Near Me / In My Area

To find the nearest DHL in your area, visit DHL locator and enter your location. Follow these instructions on the locator website:

• Select a country or region to define your location.
• Select a place or zip code.
• It is possible to add a street name or house number.
• Select a service such as to send a shipment, collect a load, or both
• You may be prompted to answer whether or not you have a DHL account and a shipment label or if you are collecting a shipment or a shipment is being sent to you.
• The results are displayed on the left side of the screen. The closest addresses are first, with an estimated distance in miles. Simultaneously, there is a large map in the center of the screen, with each of the locations pinned.

How early and late DHL delivers?

DHL often delivers from Monday through Friday between 8 am and 6 pm, which means that your package’s latest possible arrival time is official at 6 pm. However, it is possible to obtain packages by 8 pm on some rare occasions. Remember, you can also contact DHL customer service through your DHL login or by calling +18002255345 or texting DHL ExpressSMS for International via +447720334455 to ask why your delivery is late. Alternatively, visit DHL domestic service website to find out exact delivery hours in your area.

Is DHL delivery time accurate?

Yes, DHL delivery times are usually accurate. However, the best way to check your delivery status in real-time is to visit the tracking link on their official website, and enter your package’s tracking number. The online results are always updated, giving detailed progress without having to call Customer Service. That way you can find out when exactly the package may arrive.

Can I pick up DHL package before delivery?

No, unfortunately, you can not pick the DHL package before delivery. However, you can track the package from the tracker on the website. Suppose the scheduled delivery time is no longer convenient or you prefer to collect your delivery from a DHL ServicePoint. In that case, you can change the time or location of delivery the day before delivery by logging in to your DHL account, by calling Customer Service via +18002255345, or texting DHL ExpressSMS for International via +4477203344 55.

How to Change DHL Delivery Address

To modify your delivery address, you would have to log in to your DHL EasyShop account. It is often possible to make such modifications several times until 23:59 of the day before delivery of the package. Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

• Open ‘My Address book.’
• Select ‘edit’ so you can change your delivery address.

However, when you change your delivery address, note that all future packages are destined for that new address. Also, the new address needs to be validated before you can release a shipment. Alternatively, you can call or send a message to their customer service for assistance.

Why is my DHL delivery late/delayed?

DHL deliveries may be delayed due to multiple factors, including but not limited to severe weather conditions, global pandemics, public holidays, strikes, custom clearance issues, incorrect address specification, insufficient documentation, recipient unavailability, and poor carrier performance. In case of delays, you can track via email by sending your tracking number to or visiting the main DHL website and entering the tracking number for details. You can also contact DHL customer service through your DHL login or by calling +18002255345 or texting DHL ExpresSMS for International via +4477203344 55.

What’s a DHL delivery exception?

If you receive a message that your shipment has experienced an exception, do not panic. A delivery exception is when a package is temporarily stalled on transit because of an unforeseen obstacle. Reasons could include unknown addresses, damage to the shipment, or unreceived signatures. The next best step is to check the Shipment or Package Progress section for details about changes to the delivery schedule by tracking the package and making modifications if necessary.