Switzerland Post Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

Switzerland Post offers reliable, speedy deliveries, making them a trusted international Postal service. However, delivery schedules are dependent on area and may affect the overall delivery time. In this article, we will discuss all details regarding Switzerland Post delivery times & schedules and how to know them in your area.

Switzerland Post Delivery Hours and Times

The typical delivery hours throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein are 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. And the delivery area depends on the delivery time selected.

Switzerland Post offers time-slot delivery and value-added service with custom tracking labels mentioned with the selected time slots. Hence delivery hours and time will depend on time slots, and chosen service depends on parcel size and type.

How to find Switzerland Post Near Me / In My Area

You can easily find the nearest Switzerland Post online locator. To find the nearest access point of Switzerland Post, enter your city or town in the dialogue box with the Postal code. Then, choose the kind of service you are searching for which leads to the results displaying opening hours and closest locations with map directions.

How early and late Switzerland Post delivers?

A domestic Package will be delivered within 1-3 business days. And 3-10 working days for delivery in Europe, but it may take up to 10-30 days for the rest of the world. The packages can be late due to several factors such as delivery slot and area or delivery service.

Is Switzerland Post delivery time accurate?

Switzerland Post has continued to be in the top league of Postal services. And you can expect accuracy in their acclaimed delivery times. However, unforeseen factors can highly affect the delivery time, such as inconvenience in finding the address, no response from the receiver, traffic, or any damage to the shipment. You must keep all possible human and technical errors in mind to adhere to potential delivery delays.

Can I pick up the Switzerland Post package before delivery?

Switzerland Post provides Flexible parcel drop-off and collection through their PickPost service. By using PickPost, you can collect your parcel at over 2,700 PickPost points. This service is exclusively available for private individuals within Switzerland.

You will receive a notification via SMS or email when a consignment is already on the way to your home. You then can use the “My consignments” online service to redirect the parcel to an access point of your choice that offers the PickPost service.

To collect consignments using PickPost, track your package by the tracking tool to confirm the shipment’s arrival at the desired post location. Parcel collection may incur the following costs depending on the billing method:

• Customs duties
• Cost of goods
• Charges for forwarding to parcel terminals
• Possible fees
• Cash on the delivery amount (if the “electronic cash on delivery” value-added service is used)

How to Change Switzerland Post Delivery Address

You can easily change the Switzerland Post’s delivery address by using the “Change of address with forwarding” online service. Visit the customer center to access the service page and continue with your login details, and you will find the service to redirect your package.

Why is my Switzerland Postdelivery late/delayed?

If your package is delayed, it is most likely to be mentioned on your tracking status for possible reasons. Aside from this, if there is no particular reasoning, such as no response or delayed shipment, etc., contact customer supper for further assistance.

What’s an Switzerland Post delivery exception?

Package exceptions mean the package is delayed while in transit. There can be many reasons for this exception; if your package is international, the Customs are most likely the exception. Besides this, natural disasters, unexpected obstacles, and weather conditions can be the reason for the exception.