EMS Pickup Schedule, Times and Phone Number

EMS is ideal to most customers by offering the most economical service in shipping packages. The EMS pickup service is one of such convenient services provided by EMS. This article discusses everything you need to know about EMS pickup schedules, times, and contacts.

How does EMS pick up work?

EMS offers an on-demand door-step pickup option for users globally at a very cost-friendly rate equipped with a track and trace option. You are required to clearly state the content and value of your package, accompanied by a commercial invoice. In some countries, EMS does not accept food items. To schedule an EMS pickup, you would first need to create a shipping label for your package.

After you have completed your online label, print it out and attach it to your parcel and proceed to schedule a pickup service by contacting an EMS operator and follow the prompts to complete your booking via this link.

• Select your country from the drop-down menu in the “Choose a region” tab
• Select Operator level and enter to locate an EMS Operator

EMS Schedule and Pickup Times

An ideal time to schedule an EMS pickup is in advance before pickup day as they don’t offer a same-day pickup option. Your stated date and time stated in your booking will be used as a time window for pickup to be made.

How to find EMS Pickup Near Me/Location

The EMS Operator page lists all regions EMS operates in; merely click your country of choice, and it’ll list all EMS Operators and service points close to you.

EMS Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

Your EMS Operator search will provide you with contact information for EMS services. However, for general customer service, you can use the options below:

Contact EMS using EMS Operators to find the nearest EMS service to you.
Email: You can make an official email inquiry on their website.
Mail: You can send your correspondence to the corporate headquarters within your country.
Social Media: Customers can connect with the customer service department through social media using their official Facebook or Twitter page by sending a message. Responses from the customer service department often happen within 24 hours.

Is EMS pickup free? How much does it cost?

EMS pickup service is not free. You will be prompted for the fees applicable to the service while booking a pickup. The charges might vary. You can also contact customer service for information regarding your shipment cost.

Can EMS pick up from my house? EMS Pickup Request

EMS dispatches mail carriers to pick up your shipment at the given address on your pickup schedule form.

How to Cancel EMS Pickup

To cancel your EMS pickup request, you can simply do so by contacting EMS customer service and proceed with a cancellation request.