FedEx Delivery Times & Schedule in My Area

FedEx is an accomplished international courier service that offers customers comprehensive delivery times and schedules. This article discusses those delivery times and schedules and how to know them in your area.

FedEx Delivery Hours and Times

FedEx mostly delivers from Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM, and on Saturday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, though most are closed on Sunday. However, the precise delivery times may differ and depend on the parcel’s size and the delivery address. The customer service department continually functions and can be contacted via the phone number +18004633339 or with the customer support page for additional information.

How to find FedEx Near Me / In My Area

To search for the nearest FedEx offices or service points in your area, visit the FedEx main website and follow these instructions:

• Select “locations” on the top menu or go here to take you to the page directly.

• You with see “Enter locations near…” This prompt means you should put down a place or zip code, street name, or city and click “Go.”

• The results are displayed on the left side of the desktop screen with the closest addresses are first and an estimated distance in miles. There is also information about each branch’s opening hours, their specific address, and how to contact them.

• Simultaneously, there is a large map in the center of the screen, with each of the locations pinned.

• To find out more details about each branch or service point, click on “View details” or the pin icon on the map. The details include drop off hours, services offered, and if you click on “see details,” you can even see a photo of the FedEx location.

How early and late FedEx delivers?

FedEx typically delivers from Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM, which means that your package’s latest possible arrival time is officially around 7 PM. For example, at noon, 1:30 PM, or 4:30 PM or 6 PM, FedEx Priority Overnight service deliveries are made by noon, depending on your destination. Also, the FedEx 2Day service delivers by 5 PM to most areas on weekdays.

Remember, you can also contact FedEx customer service through your FedEx login or by calling +18004633339 or with the customer support page for additional information.

Is FedEx delivery time accurate?

Yes, FedEx delivery times are often precise. However, the best way to check your delivery status in real-time is to visit the tracking link on their official website, which is frequently updated. In this way, you can find out when exactly the package may arrive. The next step is to enter your package’s tracking number in the box in the middle of the webpage. The online results are always revised and give detailed progress without making customers resort to calling Customer Service.

Can I pick up FedEx package before delivery?

No, technically, you can not pick the FedEx package before delivery. However, you can track the package from the tracker on the website. Suppose the scheduled delivery time is no longer convenient for you. In that case, you can change the time or location of delivery the day before delivery by logging in to your FedEx account or by calling Customer Service via +18004633339.

Alternatively, you can cancel the order or request them to hold your Express and Ground packages if those services are available close to your location.

How to Change FedEx Delivery Address

To modify your delivery address, you would have put in a reroute request. This request allows you to alter the initial delivery address on the air waybill or shipping label. Note that only one reroute per package is allowed, and the request has to be authorized by the sender. Such a new delivery may be prone to delays due to verification and handling procedures.
Suppose you want to re-route a shipment, follow these instructions:

• Contact Customer Service via phone +18004633339 or through the Custom Support page.
• Provide the following information when telling them to reroute the shipment:
• FedEx tracking number
• The new destination address
• The recipient’s contact number.

FedEx will determine transportation modes such as air, ground, or other carriers to get your shipment to its new destination as fast as possible.

Why is my FedEx delivery late/delayed?

FedEx deliveries may be delayed due to multiple factors, including but not limited to severe weather conditions, global pandemics, public holidays, strikes, custom clearance issues, incorrect address specification, insufficient documentation, recipient unavailability, and poor carrier performance. In case of delays, you can track it here.

What’s a FedEx delivery exception?

An exception occurs when there is a temporal delay of the package delivery while in transit. For instance, “PMX” refers to a p.m. exception when a shipment is taken back to a delivery station for the night because it was undeliverable during the courier’s route. Reasons could include unknown addresses, damage to the shipment, or unreceived signatures. FedEx would attempt delivery the next day.