FedEx Hours Near Me (Find FedEx and Opening Hours Near You)

FedEx is an international courier service that prides itself on speed and customer convenience. The company accomplishes this vision by having offices and service points right in their customers’ neighborhoods. This brief article helps to simplify everything related to finding FedEx opening hours near you.

Where’s the nearest FedEx? FedEx Opening Hours Near Me

FedEx opening hours vary, so it is essential to check the website or app’s locator tool. FedEx locations’ most prolonged opening hours are typically on Monday to Sunday from 7 AM to 11 PM. Disparities could include some FedEx offices and service points not opening on weekends at all or closing sooner than 11 PM.

FedEx has excellent proximity to all its customers. They provide many locations of convenience, such as FedEx Office, Office Depot, and OfficeMax. To find the nearest FedEx office, visit the FedEx main website and follow these instructions:

• Select “locations” on the top menu or go here to take you to the page directly.

• You with see “Enter locations near…” This prompt means you should put down a place or zip code, street name, or city and click “Go.”

• The results are displayed on the left side of the desktop screen with the closest addresses are first and an estimated distance in miles. There is also information about each branch’s opening hours, their specific address, and how to contact them.

• Simultaneously, there is a large map in the center of the screen, with each of the locations pinned.

• To find out more details about each branch or service point, click on “View details” or the pin icon on the map. The details include drop off hours, services offered, and if you click on “see details,” you can even see a photo of the FedEx location.

Alternatively, a quick search on any mobile map application should find a FedEx closeby. However, it would not be as accurate a result or provide as many details as the FedEx website. Otherwise, try the FedEx app on your phone. It gives location details, just like the FedEx website.

FedEx 24 Hours Near Me

To locate a “24 hour FedEx”, you can enter the phrase into a search engine like Bing or DuckDuckGo and find results that way. Otherwise, use the website locator and circle through the details of locations nearby for convenient or suitable times. Note that most FedEx places opened for 24 hours are service points that offer drop-off services for international and domestic shipping.

FedEx Drop Box Near Me

On the FedEx locator you can easily find a drop box nearby. After entering your location and hitting the “Go” button, the results will show the closest locations in proximity. You can refine the search by clicking on the “Drop off” filter above the location information box. This filter will narrow the search results to all the drop box locations in your town. Remember, the FedEx app is a high-level multipurpose app that can also help you find a drop box in a similar way to the website.