Royal Mail Pickup Schedule, Times, and Phone Number

Royal Mail has a well-organized delivery system that delivers packages no matter the occasion. They offer a very reliable and effective pickup service that is user-friendly and fast within the UK. This article discusses everything you need to know about Royal Mail pickup schedules, times, and contacts.

How does Royal Mail pick up work?

Royal Mail uses a Parcel Collect feature, a pickup service tool available online via the Royal Mail website and mobile app. To arrange a pickup using Royal Mail on the official Royal Mail website, you can do so by:

• Buying postage with a “click and drop” feature.
• Select the items you want to send.
• Enter both recipient and sender information.
• Click the “Arrange Collection” option once the items are in your basket.
• Add details of pickup.
• Schedule a date for collection
• Check out and print the label at home or your office, attach it to your package, and wait for the pickup/collection.

Use the Royal Mail app, simply select the “Book a parcel collection” on the app and proceed to fill out the details of your collection. After the parcel has been gathered, you will receive an email notification that acts as proof of postage.

Royal Mail Schedule and Pickup Times

Royal Mail only pickups will only be done on working days which is Monday to Friday. Preferably you should book a collection five days in advance. Royal Mail will provide you with confirmation of a collection window after a booking is made, which will either be a 2, 3, or 4-hour slot.

How to find Royal Mail Pickup Near Me/Location

To locate the nearest Royal Mail Parcel Collect service at your location, use the locator tool service on the Royal Mail website.

• Under “Services Near You,” check the “Show my nearest priority postboxes” checkbox on the locator page.

• Select “use my location,” which will enable an automatic search using your location, or you can use the “Find by postcode” checkbox and enter your postcode.

• A search of your location will display the nearest Royal Mail services on a map tagged “Priority.”

• Click “show list view” to have a detailed display of service points and their actual location and further useful information.

Royal Mail Pickup Phone Number and Customer Service

Royal Mail customer service is open Monday to Friday 8 am-6 pm, and Saturday 8 am-1 pm.
For general customer service, you can use the options below:

Phone: 03457740740.
Email: You can make an official email inquiry on their website.
Mail: You can send your correspondence to the corporate headquarters within your country.
Social Media: Customers can connect with the customer service department through social media using their official Facebook or Twitter page by sending a message. Responses from the customer service department often happen within 24 hours.

Is Royal Mail pickup free? How much does it cost?

Royal Mail Parcel Collect service is not free. With Royal Mail Parcel Collect, you can have up to 5 shipments collected per day which generally costs 72p per parcel plus postage costs. You can also contact customer service for information and estimates regarding your shipment cost.

Can Royal Mail pick up from my house? Royal Mail Pickup Request

Your stated point of the collection is where Royal Mail will pick up your parcel depending on the service’s availability at your location.

How to Cancel Royal Mail Pickup

To cancel a Royal Mail pickup, you will need to complete their “Cancel a service or a Royal Mail account form”, or you can cancel by Post by writing a cancel request to Royal at Send your cancel request in writing to:

Royal Mail
Customer Account Processing centre
PO BOX 579
S49 1WW

For further information on service, cancellation contact the Royal Mail service team on 03457950950.