Can Deutsche Post Ship to a PO Box? (Deutsche Post PO Boxes Delivery)

Deutsche Post offers customers in Germany trustworthy delivery times, logistics, excellent and convenient services. This reputation is expected of the company as a market leader of international couriers. However, do they deliver to a PO Box? This article dives into whether there is Deutsche Post PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship Deutsche Post to a PO box?

Yes. You can use Deutsche Post to send parcels and letters addressed to a PO Box in Germany from most countries worldwide. Deutsche Post is a state-owned service run in part by the government though it has been privatized. Therefore, it owns the post office boxes and rents them out to its customers. However, they cannot use or allow other couriers or couriers to send mail or parcels to your PO Box. Privacy is an excellent advantage for using a PO Box. You can keep your home address secure or have your packages delivered in discretion and confidentiality to the mailbox. It is instrumental if you want a professional address or if you buy and sell goods online.

Apart from the owner of a post box, a postal proxy, appointed person, or a substitute recipient can receive mail from the letterboxes. Note that substitute recipients could also be the owners of PO box facilities and their employees. This information is essential because, in Germany, individual apartments and their respective letterboxes do not usually have numbers. The occupant’s name marks these letterboxes, so your landlord should add your name to the postbox or ask that the sender adds “bei” or “care of” when writing the address.

Deutsche Post PO Box Delivery

Yes, Deutsche Post PO Box Deliveries allow you to send eligible parcels to a private box address that doesn’t have to change. This PO Box will enable you to store your parcels securely, collect your packages whenever it suits you. The other alternatives to PO Box deliveries include home deliveries, mail redirection, 24/7 Parcel Lockers, and pickups at the post office or service points.

Since DHL is the parcel sending service of Deutsche Post, if you provide a complete street address and a contact phone number, receiving mail has seamless ease. The company tries to provide good service and reliable delivery of your goods. Therefore there are several other options whether you want the mail at your residence or office.

Does Deutsche Post have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes. The “Postfach” or Post Box service from the Deutsche Post is for individuals and businesses. For private customers, it costs up to 22.90 euros per year. To order one, visit this website. Once there, enter the postcode and street of the desired area where you want a PO box.

As a rule, all items addressed to the PO box owner and the registered co-users are placed in the PO box, including the items with your home address. These items include all letters, press releases, mail items, newspapers, and money orders. Currently, excluded from post office box deliveries are large parcels, express shipments, telegrams, and Postal delivery orders. However, these will continue to be delivered to the home or business address.