Can Royal Mail Ship to a PO Box? (Royal Mail PO Boxes Delivery)

Royal Mail has a well-organized postal system that includes the Parcelforce company. Thus they jointly offer a very reliable and effective delivery service that is user-friendly and fast within the UK. This article dives into whether there is a service for Royal Mail PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship Royal Mail to a PO box?

Yes, noteworthy is that all mail delivered to you by the Royal Mail can be sent to your PO Box with ease, especially by purchasing the transfer service. However, they cannot use or allow other couriers or couriers to send mail or parcels to your PO Box. Privacy is an excellent advantage for using a PO BOX. You can keep your home address secure or have your packages delivered in discretion and confidentiality to the mailbox. It is instrumental if you want a professional address or if you buy and sell goods online.

Royal Mail PO Box Delivery

The Royal Mail PO box delivery will allow you to transfer mail for your regular street address, whether for home or business, to the PO Box address. This way, the PO Box will store the mail for you to collect at your convenience. The Royal Mail offers three options that may suit your needs:

PO Box Transfer
• This service allows you to obtain your regular address mail and PO Box mail held together at your local Delivery Office, where you can collect them at your convenience.

PO Box Deliver
• The service will deliver your PO Box mail to your home address.
• PO Box Collect
• This service your mail in the PO Box for you to collect from your local Delivery Office at a suitable time. Remember that if you set up a PO Box Collect service, then only mail addressed to the PO Box address will be held for collection.

Does Royal Mail have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes, the Royal Mail offers personal and business mailboxes. There have been Royal Mail post boxes since the 1850s. Royal Mail PO Box costs vary depending on the service you choose; the cheapest option, where you collect your post from the sorting office, comes in at £215 per year. There are two main ways to apply for a PO Box:

Online registration
• The fastest way is to apply online by setting up an account and paying by debit or credit card only.
• If you are applying for the PO Box Transfer service, remember that you will be required to upload your ID document at the end of the online application.
• Kindly note that the payment card used for the transaction should be registered with the same address you use to complete your application for a Royal Mail PO Box.
• Generally, it takes up to 7 working days to set up your PO Box.

Application Form
• Alternatively, you can fill out an application form that can be download on this webpage. After printing and filling the form, you can send the completed form with a cheque and proof of ID to the Royal Mail PO Box Team through this address:

Royal Mail PO Box Team
Dearne House
Cortonwood Drive
S73 0UF