How to Track Your Switzerland Post Package – Where is my Switzerland Post Package?

Switzerland Post provides executive postal services to consumers, making it one of the world’s best courier services. They offer smooth, reliable, and uninterrupted handling of consignments. This article will guide you on how to track your Switzerland post delivery package.

How to Track a Switzerland Post Package – Where is my Switzerland Post package?

Please keep this in mind; you must have your package receipt before you jump to the Swiss Post website. Then you can easily track your package by using Tracking Tool by following these instructions:

• Open your receipt, and find a long string unique ID.
• Enter your Swiss Post tracking ID above, then click track.

You will get various information including details from where to where your packages are in real-time updates of transit of visibility, location, condition, shipping history, regulation, reference, and printable Proof of Delivery.

How to Find the Switzerland Post Tracking Number

You can find tracking numbers of national and International Post packages on your receipt. If you don’t know the format of the Tracking ID on the receipt and are having difficulty, visit the official website to find the different types of consignment numbers.

Where is the Switzerland Post tracking number on my receipt?

You can find the Swiss post tracking number under the Consignment number column. As mentioned above tracking number on the receipt is a unique long string code.

How long are Switzerland Post tracking numbers?

Switzerland Post tracking numbers vary depending on the consignment type. Here is an example of the Package Tracking ID of a Parcel: 99.00.123456.12345678.

What do Switzerland Post tracking numbers start with?

Switzerland Post tracking Number starts with 99.00 for domestic Packages, 98.00 for Registered letters, 003 for small consignments, and AB123456789CH for international assignments.

Can you track the Switzerland Post package by address?

Unfortunately, you cannot track Switzerland Post Package by address. You must have to enter a Tracking ID or Code to track your package details in real-time.

What time will my Switzerland Post package arrive?

You can receive your domestic parcels in 1~2 working days regardless of delivery services. Swiss Post’s international services standard delivery time is about 1~30 working days in most major cities in a country.

Why is the Switzerland Post package delayed?

Your Post package can de be delayed for any reason, such as your location and type of delivery service. For example, Late Mail consignments that are only ready for posting after regular office hours can be handed in at Swiss Post letter and logistics centers until 9 p.m.

Why is my Switzerland Post package being held?

The company can hold your Switzerland Post international package for several reasons. In case you are unable to find out the reason through the tracking code, you can contact customer service.

Can I pick up or hold a Switzerland Post package?

Yes, you can easily pick up or hold your package at Switerzland post. To pick up the parcel, you must bring proof of notification (SMS or e-mail) and a valid ID at the access point offering the PickPost service in your area. You must sign for the consignment receipt and pay any expenses when required. If you aren’t home, you can hold your parcel using the “Retain mail” online service.

How to refuse an Switzerland Post package?

If you refuse to accept the parcel or don’t receive it in the given period, it will be marked as refused and sent back to the sender.

Is Switzerland Post tracking down?

If Swiss Post’s online tracking tool is not working, check your internet connection and try again after a few minutes. And still, if you can’t reach the tracking system, it may be down. You can check the website after a few hours, and it should be fixed.