Can USPS Ship to a PO Box? (USPS PO Boxes Delivery)

USPS is the most cost-friendly company in the United States that offers various delivery services. This article dives into whether there is a service for USPS PO Boxes Delivery.

Can you ship USPS to a PO box?

Yes, noteworthy is that all USPS mail deliveries can be sent to your PO Box with ease. Note that Private shipping companies or carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and Amazon, cannot use PO Box directly. Only the United States Postal Service, USPS, can deliver mail to a PO Box.

Advantages of using a PO BOX include privacy and security. You can keep your home address secure or have your packages delivered in discretion and confidentiality to the mailbox. It is instrumental if you want a professional address or if you buy and sell goods online.

USPS PO Box Delivery

For mailing purposes, the USPS considers PO Boxes as a physical location. Therefore, if a mailpiece is addressed to a PO Box, it must be signed for and delivered. Also, if it is too large to fit in the box, the Post Office will place in your parcel either:

• In a larger storage locker within the same facility
• Give a notice that you can take to a window clerk to collect your items.
• Redelivery may not be permitted since you have to collect the item from a window clerk.

Does USPS have a mailbox/PO box rental?

Yes, the USPS offers PO box rentals. Renting a small P.O. box for six months can cost $20 in some locations, while in other areas, the cost is higher at about $75. A detailed overview of PO box costs in each state is available on the USPS Pricelist webpage. There are two main ways to apply for a PO Box:

Online registration
• Go to PO Boxes Online.

• Search for an available PO Box by entering an address or a ZIP Code under Reserve a New PO Box. Choose a general PO Box location by clicking on location in the list or map.
• From there, choose an available PO Box size, indicating a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month payment preference, and click ‘Continue.’ Note that there is a waitlist if the box size is not available.

• Complete the PO Box Online Application (PS Form 1093) on Step 2: Reserve a New PO Box and agree to the Terms & Conditions to proceed to enter payment information.

• Select your payment method and enter your card information. Next, read the refund policy and, if you accept the refund policy, click on the box to the left of ‘I accept the refund policy’ and click ‘Continue.’

• Review the Application and Payment Review page for accuracy. Submit your application.

• Once the PO Box application has been submitted, customers can view a confirmation page with a summary of their order details along with detailed instructions on how to activate their PO Box.

• Customers then have 30 days to bring their printed PS Form 1093 and two forms of acceptable U.S. identification to the Post Office location. They have reserved their box online to receive their keys or box combination.

Application Form
• You must complete all required information on PS Form 1093, Application for Post Office Box Service.

• Take the filled copy of the completed form along with two forms of acceptable U.S. identification for verification to a Post Office that provides window service.

• You will obtain a new PO box from the Post Office and how to pay for it.