GoBolt Driver Salary and Jobs Info

Looking to work for GoBolt as a driver? Find out the driver salary for GoBolt and if there are any jobs available so you can apply!

About GoBolt

GoBolt is a leading logistics technology company in India, offering efficient and reliable transportation solutions. Leveraging innovative technology and a vast network of vehicles, GoBolt optimizes logistics operations for businesses, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery of goods. With a customer-centric approach, GoBolt aims to revolutionize the logistics industry and drive growth for its clients.

GoBolt Major/Key Locations:
1. Delhi-NCR
2. Mumbai
3. Bengaluru
4. Chennai
5. Kolkata

GoBolt Driver Salary

GoBolt driver salary varies hourly and yearly based on factors like location, experience, and workload. On average, drivers can earn a competitive hourly wage and potentially a yearly income in line with industry standards.

Is GoBolt Hiring? (GoBolt Jobs Inquiry)

Do you want to work for GoBolt as a driver? Visit GoBolt Career page and find out if they hiring. You can also contact corporate or their human resources department below. Additionally, you can visit job portals like GoBolt Glassdoor and see salaries info, employee reviews and if GoBolt is a good company to work for.

GoBolt Contact Info

If you need more information about GoBolt jobs and career opportunities you can contact them below:

Phone number: +91 124 457 8421
Address: 2nd Floor, Tower A, Unit No. 201-209, Magnum Tower, Sector 58, Gurugram, Haryana 122011, India
Email: hello@gobolt.com
Social Media: Visit the website and see their social media links at the bottom of the page.