How to Track Your EMS Package – Where is my EMS Package?

Express mail Service (EMS) has the primary objective of providing premium quality, faster, and user-friendly delivery services to customers; therefore, it offers tracking services within national postal couriers’ worldwide network. Learn more about how to track your EMS package from the following article.

How to Track an EMS Package – Where is my EMS package?

As with every other delivery service, EMS assigns a unique tracking number to every package for shipment, which allows its customers to track and know the status of their shipped package. A special tool primarily for international orders. You will receive your EMS tracking number once your purchase has been made or the carrier provided documentation for your shipment.

Tracking your EMS package could be done on the EMS website by entering your package tracking number. There is a simplified step-by-step of how to track EMS package:

• Go to the EMS homepage.
• Access the “Global Network” button and select the “Tracking.”
• Or select the “Tracking” option on the homepage.
• Input EMS tracking number and change the language if English is not suitable.
• Click “Track” to access tracking information about your package.
• For more information, click on “contact us” and choose the national postal carrier used for the package shipment.

How to Find the EMS Tracking Number

An EMS tracking number will be issued to you on your purchase receipt or provided to you by the carrier on your package documentation once the shipment has been made.

Where is the EMS tracking number on my receipt?

Your EMS tracking number can be found printed at the bottom end of your purchase receipt.

How long are EMS tracking numbers?

The EMS tracking number is typically a 13-digit number and follows a predefined format consisting of 4 letters and nine digits.

What do EMS tracking numbers start with?

EMS tracking numbers start with two alphabets that often indicate the type of tracking service employed or country code, followed by numbers. e.g. EM 123456789 KR.

Can you track the EMS package by address?

No. Unfortunately, EMS does not offer an option to track your package by address, so having a tracking number is vital to the process.

What time will my EMS package arrive?

The essence of EMS is its speedy delivery service. Standard shipping time for an EMS package allows 3 to 7 business days for delivery.

Why is the EMS package delayed?

EMS Package deliveries might be delayed due to several unforeseen factors such as heavy traffic, high volume shipments, failed delivery attempts, severe weather conditions, public holidays, strikes, custom clearance issues, or incorrect address specifications. Contact local customer service in the event of any delay.

Why is my EMS package being held?

Your EMS parcel on hold may mean it is going through transit and will get to you soon. The reasons for the package being held include the following:

• Wrong address or contact information
• Illegal package content
• Security and safety measures
• Incomplete paperwork
• Natural disasters
• Customs

Can I pick up or hold an EMS package?

EMS has an available Pickup service. You can request a hold or pick up your EMS package by contacting customer service.

How to refuse an EMS package?

To refuse an EMS package, make sure it is not opened or taken. At delivery, you can refuse a package by stating that to the delivery person. If the package has already been delivered, you can write “Refuse” on the parcel. After that, you can drop it off at an EMS facility close to you.

Is EMS tracking down?

EMS tracking is often reliable and regularly updated. If EMS tracking is down, you are advised to wait 24 hours and check again. If not, contact local customer support for further information.