How to Track Your Thailand Post Package – Where is my Thailand Post Package?

Sometimes the mail system crashes while keeping the track record of numerous sent and received documents and parcels. But here, Thailand Post gives their clients more control over their shipments through the feature of Thai Post Tracking. This guide will provide you with an overview of how to track your shipment so keep reading.

How to Track a Thailand Post Package – Where is my Thailand Post package?

Whether you have made a merchandise delivery or placed an international or national transport, through Thailand Post you can track all your shipments.

It’s a free service that is provided to valuable customers where they can locate their order by using the tracking tool or by installing an app through the play store. You just have to Scan the QR code through the application or you can write the 13digit item number on their website.

All the customers who have placed their shipments either through EMS or any other logistic services are advised to keep the receipt safely. This can help them to trace and track their placements.

How to Find the Thailand Post Tracking Number?

Every package has a tracking number so it gets identified. You can find the Thailand Post tracking number through the website/app. Just follow these steps:

• Go to your orders
• Click on the shipped orders by Thailand Post
• Check the details, there you can find the tracking number or a link/button that will enable you to trace your package.

Where is the Thailand Post tracking number on my receipt?

The tracking number is mentioned in the top right corner of your receipt. If you have an e-receipt, it will be more feasible for you to find it.

How long are Thailand Post tracking numbers?

Thailand post tracking number is a unique combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 alphabetic characters which denote the type of parcel, followed by 9 digits, and ending by “TH” (e.g. CP 000 000 000 TH).

What do Thailand Post tracking numbers start with?

The Thailand Post Tracking numbers start with two alphabets which signifies the type of your parcel.

Can you track the Thailand Post package by address?

The only way to track your package is through the Tracking number. Thailand Post doesn’t offer any other alternate way to track the package through the address.

What time will my Thailand Post package arrive?

Thailand Speed Post and EMS services are fast and reliable. Generally, it takes around 3 days to complete the delivery in rural areas. For international shipments, it takes around 67 days.

Why is the Thailand Post package delayed?

Sometimes the website shows that the package hasn’t been delivered yet because they didn’t get confirmation from the receiving country or due to airmail restrictions.

Why is my Thailand Post package being held?

The packages can be held if:
– They have the wrong addresses which can not be located.
– The package contains unpermitted items that are seized or confiscated for the legal process.
– Weather conditions

For inquiries, you can visit their contact page. You will need to fill out the form to get a solution for your problem.

Can I pick up or hold a Thailand Post package?

Thailand Post holds the packages for 7 days and after that, they start charging for keeping them. Furthermore, if you want to pick up your parcel bring all information with you, including tracking, and payment confirmation, and bring your ID and passport.

How to refuse a Thailand Post package?

You can refuse a Thailand Post Package but you have to bear the charges for returning shipments. Moreover, if the sender has opened the package, he is advised to rewrap/repack it. If the sender fails to repack/rewrap, the officer may deny the deposit.

Is Thailand Post tracking down?

Due to some technical issues, the service might get affected. If you are having difficulty tracking your package for more than the expected time, you are requested to contact customer care to resolve your shipment problems.